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Posts tagged "Defective Medical Devices"

Health implications could come from new FDA proposal for devices

For residents of Ohio who need medical assistance with a medical device, the possibility that they will be caught up in an issue with defective medical devices should always be in the back of their minds. While these devices are used to help people, that does not mean they are foolproof. A strategy that manufacturers, regulatory agencies and medical professionals use is testing and research. However, a new tack being taken by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration could serve to put people at risk due to the lack of information for newer devices.

Understanding a medical device recall

Some treatments require patients to undergo surgery or even having device implanted in his or her body. While medical devices are found to be very beneficial when it comes to treating certain medical problems and diseases, medical devices are also proven to cause serious harm to patients if they are found to be defective. Thus, patients need to understand if a device they are using is recalled or should be by assessing their health and how the device is currently working.

Initiating an action for a defective medical device

When individuals in Ohio and elsewhere are provided medical advice from a medical professional, it is likely that this advice is taken seriously and relied on. This might mean taking a certain medication, undergoing a specific treatment or even having a medical device placed inside the body of the patient. These steps are taken in the best interests of our health, but unfortunate and grave consequences could follow if medical errors are made or a medical device is found to be defective.

Don't ignore these symptoms if you have had a hip replacement

In recent years, the number of patients injured by defective metal-on-metal hip replacement devices has skyrocketed. A huge number of lawsuits have been filed against multiple manufacturers citing failed components, the release of metal into a person's bloodstream and other issues stemming from device defects.

What women should know about Essure and their legal options

Choosing a method of birth control can be a challenge for women across Ohio. Between the sheer number of pills, patches and medical devices promising to effectively block pregnancy, there are countless options available to effectively block pregnancy.

How medication packaging can be defective, dangerous

Prescription drugs are subject to strict rules, guidelines and testing procedures to ensure they are safe to put onto the market. However, between the rush to get them in the hands of patients and the sometimes poor oversight in quality, defective products can be released and pose a threat to patients.

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