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Asbestos-related illness fears sparked by discovery at rec center

In Ohio and across the U.S., asbestos is a substance that was used for a variety of purposes. Many years ago, it was not viewed as a dangerous substance. Eventually, it was found to be linked to various illnesses and conditions that can lead to death. Once it was found to be a dangerous substance, those who were still exposed to it and developed an asbestos-related illness, whether as workers or due to unfortunate circumstances of simply being near it, must remember that they and their families have the right to seek compensation. Asbestos can show up anywhere and those who face its exposure must know the dangers involved.

Asbestos-related lawsuit begins

Asbestos was once a widely-used substance that was viewed as a key ingredient and material for a variety of different industries and projects. As time passed and its dangers became known, it was phased out. That, however, has not protected people who were inadvertently exposed to it while working or even when they were using various household products that had asbestos as an ingredient. Now, as some are becoming ill with asbestos-related illnesses, lawsuits are being filed against companies that used asbestos even after it was known that it was dangerous. Ohio residents who might have been exposed should keep a close eye on these cases.

Ohio firefighters at high risk for asbestos-related illness

First responders in Ohio face inherent dangers due to the nature of the job. One issue that should not arise, however, is the risk of developing various diseases, including an asbestos-related illness, because of not having the proper safety equipment. Such is the case for firefighters in the state. Research indicates that the cancer rates for firefighters is much higher than the general population. With that, areas of the state are formulating strategies to reduce the incidence of the disease by providing equipment and implementing protocols.

Makeup with asbestos sparks fear

For Ohio residents who are concerned about exposure to asbestos and the illnesses that can accompany it, it is often viewed as a risk to people who worked in a situation where it was prominently used. In general, asbestos is not used for the same purposes it once was because of the known dangers that it poses to those who are exposed to it. However, there are instances when it might appear. There could be a building that had asbestos and the fibers enter the air if the building is torn down. It might be present without anyone knowing about it. When it is present in a product that is sold to the public, it can be a major risk and people will not be aware that they are exposed to it and the accompanying asbestos-related illness.

What should I know about asbestosis?

Since such a great number of Ohioans worked in jobs where asbestos might have been present before it was widely reported as dangerous and a cause of asbestos-related illness, there is great fear for these people and their families. Understanding what asbestos-related illness can arise from exposure to asbestos is important. Knowing what the risk factors are, who is vulnerable, and what the complications are is key. One disease that is prevalent after exposure to asbestos is asbestosis.

Understanding mesothelioma and how it impacts workers

As previous posts discussed, lung disease could be related to the workplace environment. This is an unexpected circumstance, causing many Ohio workers to suffer a serious health condition. In some cases, it is not apparent that an employee is faced with a dangerous work condition. Even if a certain industry, such as mining, is known for the possible risk of inhaling dangerous particles, the aftermath of this situation tends to take several years or even decades. Thus, even when specialized safety equipment is used, a worker could unexpectedly suffer a lung disease due to their interaction with asbestos or other harmful particles.

Take action after a diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness

We have all heard of asbestos. While it has been used in construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding and mining for it heat and fire resistant properties, it is also known for the health risks that is poses. Exposure to asbestos in the workplace, community and in homes could have grave results. Asbestos-related illnesses could be cancerous, causing a victim to endure much pain and suffering.

What are the health effects of asbestos?

As a previous post highlighted, certain conditions in the workplace could result in an employee suffering a work-related illness. One of these illnesses is related to asbestos exposure. While safety regulations have been put in place to reduce the harms caused by asbestos, it was discovered that diseases caused by asbestos has been increasing in the U.S. Thus, it is important to gain an understanding of the concerns and risks associated with asbestos.

Asbestos-related illnesses have been increasing

Individuals go to work on a weekly basis to secure a paycheck. A steady income is necessary to meet your financial needs. However, when employees in Ohio and elsewhere are harmed by the work environment they work it, this can generate a wide variety of problems. A work-related illness does not only harm the health of an employee but can also limit his or her ability to work. Thus, it is important to consider your rights and options when you are diagnosed with a work-related illness.

Renovating a home? Be aware of materials that contain asbestos

If you are like many other homeowners in Ohio, you may have plans to buy a new home and renovate it. Home renovation seems to be more popular than ever these days, thanks to countless renovation shows on TV and a real estate market that is rebounding from the recession.

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