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The distracted truck driver phenomenon sparks concern

Distracted driving is a problem in Ohio and across the entire country. It is the cause for many accidents with injuries and fatalities regardless of what type of vehicle the distracted driver is operating. When it is a large truck, however, it is of greater importance that semi-truck drivers refrain from distracted driving. Truck companies are cognizant of the trend and are entreating their drivers from being a distracted truck driver. Unfortunately, it continues to happen. Those who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident because of an apparent distracted trucker should know the steps to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Companies know a distracted truck driver can cause injury, death

With the number of semi-trucks on the road and Ohio being centrally located, drivers of conventional vehicles are understandably concerned about being involved in a truck accident. While there are time-tested reasons why there might be a truck crash due to DUI, driver flouting rules for time spent on the road, and speeding or negligence, a relatively new issue is a distracted truck driver. Even truck companies are aware of the issue and advice is prevalent as to how they can reduce its incidence. This can be useful when people are injured or lose a loved one in a truck accident and are seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Three construction workers injured by semi-truck

Truck accidents are prevalent in Ohio and across the United States. This is true despite attempts on the part of law enforcement and regulatory authorities to reduce the inherent risks that come with having these massive vehicles on the road. Various pressures can lead to truckers taking risks they should not take such as flouting the legal number of consecutive hours they can spend on the road, driving at excessive speeds and using various substances to remain awake and alert. Other factors can come into play with a truck accident include operating under the influence and distracted trucking. When people are involved in a semi truck crash, those who are in smaller vehicles or are not in vehicles at all can suffer severe injuries and fatalities. Having legal help to consider a lawsuit is critical.

Woman seriously hurt in alleged failure to yield truck accident

Ohio drivers should be aware and, in some ways, fearful of large trucks when they are sharing the same roadways. Since these large trucks will inevitably cause serious injuries and death when there is a crash between a semi and a conventional vehicle, the best way to remain safe is avoidance. That, however, is not always possible especially when a trucker ignores the law and flouts traffic rules. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident with a truck, a lawsuit is often the only strategy to recover sufficient compensation to cover for the medical expenses, lost wages and more. It is critical to know how to go about filing a case.

Ohio trucking accident kills woman after opposite lane crash

Since our state is in the middle of the US, it is common that vehicles from both coasts will go through the state. This puts many large semis traveling at a high rate of speed with drivers who are on the road for extensive periods on the road, with drivers of smaller, more conventional vehicles. Given the nature of these trucks, a crash with one can lead to injuries with medical expenses, lost time at work, the need for a long hospital stay and other problems. If the injuries are bad enough, there can be a fatality. When there is a trucking accident, those affected must remember that they have the right to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Under the influence truck driver kills Ohio teen

Our state has many large trucks on the roadways, and drivers must be cautious around them. There is an inherent trust that the operators will watch out for people, follow the truck laws and not drive while intoxicated. Realistically, though, not all truckers are so concerned about safety. And, for drivers, at least there is some semblance of protection, if there is a truck accident. Pedestrians are not so lucky.

Motorcyclist hospitalized and crash with delivery truck in Ohio

Large trucks are a constant on the road in Ohio and while they can be dangerous, other vehicles can also cause risk, in part, because drivers cannot see around the large truck. This can cause a crash with injuries and fatalities. People who are in large vehicles whether it is a semi-truck, a box truck or some other delivery truck have a responsibility to be as safe as possible, to be predictable and ensure that other drivers -- especially those in smaller vehicles -- see them and know what to expect. When there is a crash with a truck, there can be serious injuries and death. It is especially dangerous for motorcyclists.

Statistics show truck accidents on the rise

Ohio drivers are typically not thinking about accident statistics and potential dangers they might face when they grab their keys and head out on the road. However, they should take some time to be aware of the dangers they may face. In particular, they should be cautious around large trucks and buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently released data related to truck crashes and the results show a worrisome increase in recent years.

Truck accident study: speeding linked to other risky behaviors

Trucks are a constant on Ohio roadways. Most truckers operate their vehicles safely and professionally and make certain they are adhering to the law. However, there are some drivers who take part in risky behaviors behind the wheel. Studies are done to examine accidents, why they happen, and how they can be prevented. For people who have been injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one after a truck crash, this research can be beneficial when filing a lawsuit.

Truck accident believed to have been caused by trucker tailgating

Drivers of conventional vehicles in Ohio might be intimidated when they see large trucks sharing the road with them. These vehicles are big, travel at high rates of speed and, sometimes, the drivers are reckless and negligent as they try to get to their destination as quickly as possible. When there is a crash between a smaller vehicle and a large truck, the aftermath can be terrible for those in the smaller vehicle.

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