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A distracted truck driver can be risky on the road

Trucks are a common sight on Ohio roads and are an accepted part of the landscape. However, these vehicles are large, travel great distances and often move at significant speeds. In addition to the dangers they present in general, the behaviors of the driver can make them even more of a threat. Ordinarily, this involves speeding, going beyond the legal time limits for being on the road, using drugs or drinking, and other risky behaviors. Specifically, a distracted truck driver can cause a trucking accident and lead to injuries and fatalities. With April being designated "Distracted Driving Awareness" month, the issue of distracted truckers is something to think about when on the road with trucks.

Passenger vehicle and tractor-trailer crash injures 2 in Ohio

Since Ohio is centrally located in the U.S., there are a significant number of large tractor-trailers that travel through the state. These vehicles travel at significant speeds, and their size makes them dangerous to people in smaller vehicles and even those who are also driving tractor-trailers. When there is a tractor-trailer crash, there can be major injuries and fatalities. Those who have been involved in truck accidents must remember that they have the right to seek compensation for what they have lost.

Anecdotal evidence shows danger of distracted truck drivers

Distracted driving is a growing problem in Ohio and across the nation. Research has shown this to be the case, so, too, has anecdotal evidence from those on the front lines trying to put a stop to it and keep drivers safe: law enforcement. Compounding this problem is the reality that a distracted truck driver operates a vehicle that is large, travels at a high rate of speed and can do substantial damage to a smaller vehicle and those in it. After a truck accident, it is important to know whether the driver was distracted, as this can be essential to a legal filing.

Shelving of proposed regulations could increase truck accidents

Ohio residents are keenly aware of the number of trucks that are on the road in the state. Trucks are part of the landscape and provide great benefit by delivering goods and giving truckers an honest living. There is no denying, however, that these vehicles can be dangerous. Their speed and size can result in significant damage when there is a crash. Regulatory agencies are constantly seeking ways to make the road safer for truckers and those who share the road with them. However, that requires the implementation of new rules and many rules have been eliminated in the first year of the new president's administration.

Man injured when semi crashes into house

While Ohio residents know the dangers of trucks on the road, they probably do not think that a large truck could be a danger to them when they are in their homes. However, these vehicles are increasingly placing people at risk no matter where they are. This goes beyond highways and well-traveled streets and into locations where trucks place more people at risk. Given the size of these vehicles and the issues that truckers often have using intoxicants, driving while distracted and committing other illegal and dangerous acts, truck accidents can cause major injuries, significant property damage and death. A legal filing is often needed to be compensated for all that was lost.

Study finds driver fatigue is a major factor in crashes

While truck drivers who might be operating their vehicles under the influence, are distracted, or are reckless pose a substantial threat, new research is showing that drowsy drivers are a bigger problem than was previously thought. With trucks, this is a known worry because of the time they spend on the road.

Worker placing cones on road hurt in Ohio truck accident

With Ohio being centrally located, many semi-trucks will pass through the state. This makes it unavoidable that there will be crashes. These truck accidents can cause damage and injuries to those involved. Some of these crashes might not cause injuries when they first happen, but as the situation is investigated, accounted for and cleaned up, other accidents and injuries may result. Regardless of how they were hurt, those who were injured in a truck accident must know how to seek compensation in a legal filing and how to go about pursuing it.

Semi truck crash with school bus causes injuries

Ohio parents who place their children on a school bus will never expect to receive a call that there was an accident with injuries. However, the danger of a crash happening is very real. These accidents can cause severe injuries and lead to long-term problems for those who have been involved. Even more dangerous is when there are truck accidents with a school bus. People who have been involved in any accident with a truck must make certain that they protect their interests by considering a legal filing.

Truck and other transport accident statistics show rise in deaths

People in Ohio will be accustomed to seeing trucks on the road year-round. These and other vehicles that are used to transport people and goods are expected to be safe and get to their appointed destinations without incident. However, it is unfortunate that road accidents are a part of life whether it is a truck accident, a car accident, a railroad accident or even an aviation and boat accident. People who are injured and lose a loved one in any kind of accident should know about the various statistics of these incidents as it can be an important part of a legal filing seeking compensation.

The importance of legal assistance after an Ohio truck accident

Trucks are a familiar sight on the roads in Ohio and they perform an invaluable service. These vehicles transport goods across the country and provide jobs. Their presence is particularly notable during the holiday season when more items are sent and received. For all the benefits that come from these large vehicles, there are also inherent dangers associated with them. A truck accident, especially when it involves a conventionally sized vehicle, can lead to massive medical expenses, lost time at work for the victim, and even death. Often, a legal filing is the only alternative to be compensated after a truck crash.

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