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Woman dies in trucking accident when turning semi blocks road

The Ohio roadways are rife with large trucks going to and through the state. While most of these semis are driven conscientiously and safely by their operators, there are times when the drivers will be reckless, negligent, drive while distracted and under the influence. Even when the driver is not doing any of these risky things, simply trying to make a turn can place others in jeopardy. The size of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel puts all others on the road at risk. With a trucking accident, there can be injuries and fatalities. After a collision, legal help is integral to being sufficiently compensated.

Latest statistics show many truck drivers die in truck accidents

When Ohioans hear the words "truck accident," they will reflexively think about people who are in conventional vehicles getting into a crash with a large semi and suffering serious injuries and death. While this does happen throughout the state, truckers are also at risk for suffering the consequences of a crash. When this happens as they are going about their business and doing their job, it is important that their families who are left behind understand the risk and take the necessary steps to file a claim for compensation.

Truck accident kills roadside construction worker in Ohio

In Ohio, large trucks are a constant on the roads. Simultaneously, it is necessary for workers to perform various maintenance and repair work on roads to ensure those roads are safe. The combination of these two factors can lead to injury and death when there is a semi-truck crash involving a roadside worker. While most truckers respect workers and their safety, some truckers will speed through construction zones and put workers at risk.

A harmless, off-time diversion could lead to truck driver fatigue

When there is a truck accident in Ohio or anywhere in the country, there are a seemingly endless number of reasons for which it could have occurred. Distracted truckers, truckers under the influence, truck driver fatigue, speeding, recklessness and much more are oft-mentioned causes of these crashes. It is not inaccurate to say that these are frequently accurate explanations. However, there are other generally innocent behaviors that could impact truck driver safety. Research is showing that truck drivers could become more dangerous after watching Monday Night Football.

Drivers speeding to destinations could increase truck accidents

Large trucks are a constantly going to and through Ohio. Since ground transport is such an integral part of the economy providing jobs, goods and services, this is a good thing. However, the size of these trucks, the speeds at which they travel, and the frequency in which truck accidents occur is understandably worrisome to those who share the road with them. Researchers seek to learn why these crashes happen and devise ways to prevent them.

Three critically injured after semi-truck accident in Ohio

It is a nightmare scenario for Ohio drivers who are in a truck accident with a large semi-truck. These vehicles are heavy, travel fast and can cause so much damage that any trucking accident can result in serious injuries and fatalities for those who are unfortunate enough to be involved. Often, these accidents involve multiple vehicles. As the case is investigated, those who were impacted should think about the future and consider a legal filing for compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses.

Statistics show rise in fatal truck accidents from 2016 to 2017

Given the number of semi-trucks that are on the road in Ohio, they are an understandable concern to people who share the road with them. Their size, speed and the distances they travel make them a significant risk for being in a crash. Researchers and government agencies keep track of truck accidents to gauge how and why they happen in the hopes that there are steps to take to reduce their number and make people safer. A worrisome trend in the latest truck accident numbers available says that there was a rise in fatal truck accidents from 2016 to 2017.

The distracted truck driver phenomenon sparks concern

Distracted driving is a problem in Ohio and across the entire country. It is the cause for many accidents with injuries and fatalities regardless of what type of vehicle the distracted driver is operating. When it is a large truck, however, it is of greater importance that semi-truck drivers refrain from distracted driving. Truck companies are cognizant of the trend and are entreating their drivers from being a distracted truck driver. Unfortunately, it continues to happen. Those who have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident because of an apparent distracted trucker should know the steps to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Companies know a distracted truck driver can cause injury, death

With the number of semi-trucks on the road and Ohio being centrally located, drivers of conventional vehicles are understandably concerned about being involved in a truck accident. While there are time-tested reasons why there might be a truck crash due to DUI, driver flouting rules for time spent on the road, and speeding or negligence, a relatively new issue is a distracted truck driver. Even truck companies are aware of the issue and advice is prevalent as to how they can reduce its incidence. This can be useful when people are injured or lose a loved one in a truck accident and are seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Three construction workers injured by semi-truck

Truck accidents are prevalent in Ohio and across the United States. This is true despite attempts on the part of law enforcement and regulatory authorities to reduce the inherent risks that come with having these massive vehicles on the road. Various pressures can lead to truckers taking risks they should not take such as flouting the legal number of consecutive hours they can spend on the road, driving at excessive speeds and using various substances to remain awake and alert. Other factors can come into play with a truck accident include operating under the influence and distracted trucking. When people are involved in a semi truck crash, those who are in smaller vehicles or are not in vehicles at all can suffer severe injuries and fatalities. Having legal help to consider a lawsuit is critical.

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