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The importance of legal help after medical malpractice

When a resident of Solon and throughout Ohio seeks medical care for an illness, condition or injury, they are not expecting to be made sicker or have more damage done to them than they had before. Unfortunately, when a doctor error takes place, it can cause significant problems and even death. Doctors are entrusted with lives of individuals and their families. When a mistake is made, it is only fair that they are held accountable for the aftermath including lost wages, medical expenses, the need for extensive treatment and even fatalities.

Rate of fatal medical error statistics troublingly high

Ohio residents will have a basic understanding that there is a chance that a doctor error can cause injury and death, even in the most benign circumstances. The scope of the problem is far worse than people were led to believe. Recent research has shown that a fatal medical error is the third most common cause of death in the nation. The study, from Johns Hopkins University, says that at least a quarter-million people die because of medical mistakes.

Study shows mistakes prevalent in cleaning medical equipment

Ohioans who receive medical treatment place their trust in medical professionals to ensure that the environment is completely safe. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and people suffer worsened medical conditions and sometimes even die because of errors or negligence. Patients may not often think about the basics of safe medical treatment, but, as a new study shows, cleanliness and safety are often absent.

Negligence at nursing home believed to have led to woman's death

People who place a loved one in an Ohio nursing home do so to provide them with care they cannot receive at home. The goal is to ensure they are safe, protected and receive all the medical treatment and oversight necessary. It is an unfortunate truth, however, that nursing home injury and mistreatment happens frequently. Whether it is a medical mistake leading to a claim of medical malpractice or a failure on the part of the facility to adequately monitor the resident, these errors can lead to significant injuries, illnesses and death. A legal professional will know how to investigate a mistake in a nursing home to pursue compensation.

Medical malpractice alleged after scalpel left inside veteran

Medical errors can be egregious for anyone in Ohio, but it is especially glaring when those who have served the nation by joining the military are subjected to these mistakes. It is relatively well-known that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been facing allegations of problems with the medical treatment it provides to veterans, but some of the cases are shocking and can cause significant damage and death to those who have faced them. When there is a belief that medical malpractice has caused injuries or fatalities, those who have been harmed have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Woman confronted with misdiagnosis still has medical bills

If an Ohio resident has a medical issue and goes for treatment, the expectation is that the medical professionals will assess the situation, conduct tests, come to an accurate diagnosis, and begin treatment. However, if there are mistakes, that can lead to the person not getting the proper treatment or getting treatment that was not necessary. Both can be viewed as forms of medical malpractice. A legal filing can be initiated if there was a mistake.

How can doctors' misimpressions result in misdiagnoses?

The diagnosis process begins as soon as a patient steps in the door of the emergency room or clinic. From their very first interaction, medical professionals are taking note of this interaction, detailing their impressions and suspicions. While this is human nature to be swayed by social interactions, this could lead to deadly mistakes when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in Ohio and elsewhere.

Protecting our vulnerable elderly

Guardianships were established in part to protect the vulnerable elderly as they reach an age where they are no longer able to make sound decisions on their own. In a similar vein, nursing homes exist to provide that care and attention to those same elderly people who-whether by circumstance or desire-are seeking to live out their remaining years with dignity and peace of mind.

Surgical residents vulnerable to causing surgical errors

Preparing to have surgery, whether routine or emergency, is never easy for patients in Ohio or elsewhere. Even when a patient is well acquainted with their surgeon and medical team, some concerns and overwhelming thought could persist. Although a surgeon has years of experience, education and training, a surgeon is also human. This means they are subject to human errors, which could occur during a surgical procedure. Even more so, at a teaching hospital, a patient is likely to expect surgical residents playing a role in their surgery as well.

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