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Nursing home injury and other problems leads to sanctions

Nursing homes in Ohio are obligated to care for their residents in an aboveboard and professional way. This is to provide them with the care they need and ensure there are no injuries, illnesses or conditions because of lapses, negligence or abusive behavior on the part of staff members. There are other factors that are important in nursing home care. Included is the government funding that helps many of these facilities stay afloat. If there is nursing home injury because of violations or other issues at a facility, the government could stop its funding. For people who are concerned about how their loved ones are treated and think there might be abuse taking place, keeping an eye on facilities that are facing sanctions from the government is a signal to check on the condition of their loved ones.

Patient risk stems from misdiagnosis and testing errors

Ohioans who have a medical issue of any kind are wise to get treatment as soon as possible. This is a sound strategy to address a condition, illness or injury and get back to full health. However, it is an unfortunate fact that medical mistakes happen quite frequently. These can involve a misdiagnosis, dispensing the wrong medication and other mishaps. When there is an error and people are injured or lose their lives because of it, having legal advice is a critical aspect of pursuing a filing.

Families seek compensation after fatal medication errors in Ohio

One of the most important responsibilities that medical professionals in Ohio and across the nation have when treating a patient is dispensing medication. Patients and their families put an inherent amount of trust in doctors, nurses and anyone who cares for their loved ones. Medical mistakes violate that trust in addition to causing injuries and fatalities. People who believe a loved one suffered a worsened condition or died because of a doctor error must remember their rights and consider a legal filing to receive compensation.

Research seeks find and address common medical mistakes

Suffering from a worsened condition due to medical mistakes or a misdiagnosis is a fear that any Ohio resident who goes for medical care will have. Few will expect it to happen to them. Unfortunately, it does - all too often. People are negatively impacted by these medical errors to the tune of having longer stays in the hospital, exacerbated illnesses and conditions, and even death. Those who have been affected by these problems should know that even medical professionals are acknowledging this must be addressed and use their research as part of a legal filing for compensation.

United States is worst developed nation for safe childbirth

Since childbirth is such a common occurrence in Ohio and across the country, there is a misplaced belief that in the United States, it is generally safe and complications for mother and child are rare. Unfortunately, that is not accurate. In fact, according to a new investigation by USA Today, the U.S. is the riskiest developed nation in which to give birth. This information is important to new parents who saw the mother suffer an injury or die or had a child that was impacted by a birth injury, as it can be the key to filing a lawsuit to receive compensation.

Study shows misdiagnosis and other errors could be due to burnout

Ohio residents who seek treatment for an illness, condition or injury from a medical professional will do so amid the belief that there will be an accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment provided. Unfortunately, it is a reality that mistakes are made and they lead to serious injury and death. The question that is often asked is why. Studies seek to find an answer and a new survey indicates that burnout might be a major factor in medical mistakes.

Nursing home injury in VA facilities worse than private ones

Society is judged by how it treats those who need the most assistance. It is also judged on how those who served the country with military service are treated. Combine these issues, and it is twice as troubling as to how residents in Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) nursing homes are cared. With the number of veterans in Ohio and across the nation who live in a nursing home, a recent analysis of statistics regarding how these people are treated has led to worrisome results. People who have a loved one living in a facility and suspect nursing home injury, mistreatment or abuse should be aware of their right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

The importance of legal help after medical malpractice

When a resident of Solon and throughout Ohio seeks medical care for an illness, condition or injury, they are not expecting to be made sicker or have more damage done to them than they had before. Unfortunately, when a doctor error takes place, it can cause significant problems and even death. Doctors are entrusted with lives of individuals and their families. When a mistake is made, it is only fair that they are held accountable for the aftermath including lost wages, medical expenses, the need for extensive treatment and even fatalities.

Rate of fatal medical error statistics troublingly high

Ohio residents will have a basic understanding that there is a chance that a doctor error can cause injury and death, even in the most benign circumstances. The scope of the problem is far worse than people were led to believe. Recent research has shown that a fatal medical error is the third most common cause of death in the nation. The study, from Johns Hopkins University, says that at least a quarter-million people die because of medical mistakes.

Study shows mistakes prevalent in cleaning medical equipment

Ohioans who receive medical treatment place their trust in medical professionals to ensure that the environment is completely safe. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and people suffer worsened medical conditions and sometimes even die because of errors or negligence. Patients may not often think about the basics of safe medical treatment, but, as a new study shows, cleanliness and safety are often absent.

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