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Can a seat belt actually cause injury in an accident?

There’s been a huge push across the nation to raise public awareness about the safety benefits of wearing a seat belt whenever you’re in a moving vehicle. In 2015, seat belt use saved nearly 14,000 lives in motor vehicle accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The ‘lake effect’ is for real

If you are a weather watcher, you know all about the lake effect. It’s the phenomenon of heavy snowfall caused by snow clouds passing over water that is warmer than the surrounding air.

EpiPen Failures Linked To Seven Deaths

EpiPens are a staple in school nurse rooms, the purses and pockets of concerned parents, and anywhere where those who have life-threatening allergies can access them. Even though the drug, an injectable form of hormone epinephrine (adrenaline), has long been used to treat severe—and even deadly—allergic reactions, the company behind it has come under fire recently, as the device has reportedly failed to deploy appropriately.

When is a mistake in surgery grounds for a lawsuit?

In the process of treating a patient and providing medical care, mistakes can happen. Some mistakes made by doctors and nurses present minor inconveniences and only require minimal intervention, but there are times that a medical error comes at a great physical—and later, emotional and financial—cost to a patient. This often happen during surgery, when patients are at their most vulnerable.

Half a million pacemakers recalled over…cybersecurity concerns?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on August 29th that it was recalling some 465,000 implantable pacemakers over cyber security concerns. Namely, the FDA is concerned that malicious hackers could take control of the pacemaker for nefarious purposes, including initiating improper pacing or rapidly depleting the batteries. 

New homeowners facing an unexpected challenge: formaldehyde-smelling wood

Homeowners of new homes around the country were shocked to discover something unexpected. Not mismatched carpet or unfinished plumbing, but rather, a foul-smell that permeated the house, courtesy of Weyerhaeuser Co., a company responsible for producing floor joists—support beams that go underneath the flooring—which were coated with formaldehyde-based resin, causing a strong odor and eliciting a physical reaction within some people. 

Soon to come: a cap on medical malpractice awards?

We quite literally trust doctors with our lives. However, doctors are still humans, and therefore, are liable to commit errors that could have disastrous consequences. If a doctor commits a grave error—say, mistakenly removing a healthy organ instead of the one marked for removal—should patients not have the right to recover monetary damages that compensate them for the loss, and the difficulty that will come moving forward?

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