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IIHS concerned loosening service time can cause truck accidents

With the number of large trucks that travel in and to Ohio, truck accidents are a constant concern. Since these vehicles are so massive, when there is a collision between one and a passenger vehicle, there can be serious injury and death. Government agencies are tasked with implementing rules to enhance safety. However, a truck company and its drivers will frequently disagree with certain rules and assert that they are too strict. When proposals are presented to alter these rules, it could result in a higher chance of truck crashes. People should be aware of these potential dangers.

A proposal from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to extend truckers' daily work period has led to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety expressing its reservations. Because truck driver fatigue is such a common cause of accidents and drivers will try to get their load to its destination as quickly as possible, the combination of a change to the rules and the financial and personal benefit to drivers could lead to going beyond their capacity and hinder alertness and safety.

Negative health implications can come from miniaturizing devices

Many Ohio residents who need medical treatment that involves a medical device should be cognizant of the potential dangers they can face. These devices are tested and manufacturers try to ensure they are safe, but their best efforts can fall short. Defective medical devices can cause worsened medical condition and even death. With these products, it is important to be aware of the risks involved and know that if something goes wrong, there may be ways to file a lawsuit to be compensated.

One concern that people should have with medical devices is the rise of miniaturization. More and more, companies are making devices significantly smaller to improve outcomes in patients. Still, there are worries that when these products are designed, there will be problems as they are used in patients. Regulators are expected to make certain testing procedures are accurate and safe before they are approved, but dangers can be missed. Certain areas are of growing concern with these advancements.

Possible changes to rules spark concerns of truck accidents

In its attempts to ensure the roads are safe, federal regulators have implemented certain rules to make sure truckers are not too tired when they are behind the wheel. These and other rules could be changing if drivers' proposals are approved and the hours of service regulations are adjusted. When there is a truck accident, it is always possible that a violation on the part of the driver led to the crash. This can be a critical part of a legal filing.

A listening session with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration brought to light drivers' desires to have more freedom to determine their road hours. Drivers stated they would like to have their required half-hour break broken into segments and allow them to have different requirements for being in the truck's sleeper berth. As the rules stand, drivers must divide their 10-hour time in which they are driving into having two hours of non-driving and eight hours of rest. With the half-hour rest period, they would like the option of breaking it in half or in thirds.

Technology and management can prevent truck accidents

The dangers of being in a truck accident in Ohio and across the United States are known. These large vehicles that travel great distances at major speeds are intimidating by themselves. When factoring in other possible risks, such as a trucker who is under the influence, drowsy, distracted or simply reckless, it becomes even worse. It is important to know what the truck company can do to promote safety. A recent study discussed strategies to improve safety.

The National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence conducted research that shows the benefit of advanced technology and management oversight for safety. In concert with the insurer Travelers, the National Safety Council and others, nine truck carriers showed large strides in improving safety. In the past, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration categorized some of these companies as high risk. A representative from Travelers said there were common denominators for carriers to make the roads safer for truckers and those sharing the road with them.

Asbestos and mold sparks fear of asbestos-related illness

It is not uncommon for asbestos and mold to be found in buildings in Ohio that were constructed before the danger of asbestos exposure was fully realized. Since asbestos-related illness is nearly impossible to treat, causes great pain to the sufferer and inevitably leads to death, it is important to know who is responsible for it being present and to take steps to attempt to secure compensation through a legal filing.

A discovery of mold in a middle school and asbestos in an elementary school in the next building has led to repairs and a cleanup, according to recent reports. It is not completely certain that the asbestos is present, but it might be in the school hallway. The mold was found in one room so far. The cleanup was being done by remediation crews. According to the superintendent, the proper protocols are being followed regarding the investigation and cleanup. An orientation for incoming students at the middle school was postponed as tests were done on the schools. It is not believed that the issues will prevent classes from beginning on time.

Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle?

There are a lot of thrills associated with riding a motorcycle, but there are a lot of risks associated with it as well. If you are an Ohio biker, you have probably shared the road with a driver who was unaware of your rights or unconcerned with your safety. You know that it only takes one mistake or one wrong decision to result in an accident that can leave you severely or fatally injured.

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents is that the other driver simply did not see the biker. However, most of these types of incidents are completely preventable by being attentive and cautious. You cannot control the actions of other drivers, but you can strive to be as safe as possible while on your bike and know your rights in case of an accident.

Research highlights surgical error due to human mistakes

Ohio residents will sometimes require surgical procedures to improve their health. When these procedures are done, there is an inherent trust placed in the doctors and other medical professionals who are overseeing the surgery. Even with the medical advancements and technology, human beings are still in charge and that can lead to a surgical error. Those who believe they have suffered a worsened medical condition due to these mistakes should know their potential rights to file a lawsuit for compensation.

A recent study shows that more than 50% of adverse events during surgery came about because of human mistakes, also referred to as human performance deficiencies. The study was conducted by the Baylor College of Medicine. As part of a conference of medical professionals involved in surgery, the number of adverse events during surgery was analyzed on a weekly basis. This took place over six months and there were reviews of human mistakes as they occurred. Using several different facilities, the HPDs were categorized by the following: planning and problem solving; executing their goals; adhering to rules and when they were violated; proper communicating; and working as a team.

After a birth injury, a lawsuit might lead to compensation

Ohio residents who are expecting a child will be excited as they look forward to the big day. Starting a family is the most important part of the lives of many people and they focus on the positive. However, it is unfortunate that mistakes happen during the pregnancy, when childbirth is underway and in the immediate aftermath. This can cause major issues with the baby's health. It can even be fatal. When there is birth injury, the parents must think about the future and the potential for pursuing compensation.

There are many birth injuries and conditions that can occur after a medical mistake or negligence during childbirth. For example, the newborn can suffer broken bones or have brain damage because of a failure to properly oversee the birth. There can be damage to limbs and conditions such as cerebral palsy. This can cause pain, worry and spark major medical expenses to care for the child. In some cases, the baby will eventually recover. In others, there will be the need for treatment and care for the rest of the child's life. This will put an emotional and financial strain on the family and can be the catalyst for a radically changed life.

Asbestos-related illness a concern after subpar inspections

Ohio residents who live and work in older buildings are placing their trust in the owners regarding the removal of toxic substances, like asbestos. Because asbestos was once perceived as a substance that had a variety of uses with unknown risks, it was present in a seemingly endless number of locations and was integral to multiple industries. As time passed and its danger became known, people grew concerned about it. Asbestos has not been completely eradicated and those who fear they were exposed to it and have gotten ill or had a loved one become sick or die may have legal options.

According to recent reports, a man who owned a building that was used for local events entered a guilty plea for the failure to adequately inspect his property for asbestos. In 2018, a complaint was filed against the man by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He was accused of committing violations of the Clean Air Act. He was said to have failed to properly inspect the building before it was renovated.

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