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Here's how to get your doctor to pay more attention

It's tough when you feel like your doctor isn't paying enough attention to you. Maybe they look busy glancing through paperwork or even looking at their phone while you're talking. Maybe they just talk at 100 MPH throughout your appointment and then rush out of the room after two minutes, never giving you time to speak.

This is risky. A doctor who will not listen is more likely to make a mistake or overlook something important.

So, how do you get your doctor to listen to you?

One key thing you can do is to ask questions. Don't just answer the questions that the doctor has for you. This allows them to breeze through an appointment as quickly as they want. Ask your own questions and they are forced to slow down, listen, consider your needs and give you accurate answers. You can control the flow of the conversation and be more engaged in your own care.

A good trick is to write down the questions you want to ask in advance of your appointment. The first benefit is that you will not forget something important because you feel pressured or "on the spot." The second is that it's easier to just tell the doctor you have a few things you want to know and then read off your questions from the paper.

Again, communication with your doctor is all about slowing things down and having a two-way conversation.

Did an inattentive doctor already make a serious mistake with your medical care? If you have suffered an injury as a result, you should know what legal options you have to seek fair financial compensation.

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