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Can a defective medical device be deadly?

When you read about defective medical devices, it's easy to see how such a thing could be painful and inconvenient. For instance, those with defective hip implants often have constant pain as the device wears against the bone. To fix it, they need to have replacement surgery again, which means more pain and discomfort, along with long healing times. There is no way you want to go through something like that, but could it be worse? Could some defective devices put your very life in danger?

They absolutely can. For instance, many people have pacemakers installed, which use wires to send proper electrical impulses to the heart. When these do not work properly, the results can be fatal. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these defects have caused death in the past.

You count on medical devices like these to keep you safe and healthy for years to come. When the doctor tells you about your options, they walk you through all of the benefits. You trust the device to deliver those results. Unfortunately, even when the surgery goes flawlessly and your medical team does a great job, a defective device can still leave you with serious complications. Not all devices lead to fatalities, but some can, and you need to know what those risks look like.

If you have been harmed by such a device, or if you have even lost a loved one on account of a defect, it is also important for you to understand the legal options that you have as you and your family move forward.

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