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May 2020 Archives

What are the best ways to protect against asbestos?

Workers who may encounter asbestos need to know that it is highly dangerous and can even be deadly. It is a known carcinogen, or a cancer-causing substance, and the mesothelioma that it often leads to is so deadly that the use of asbestos has been largely outlawed in the United States.

Asbestos is still legal in Ohio and beyond

When you hear the word "asbestos," do you typically think of it as a singular item? If so, you would not be alone. However, asbestos refers to six microscopic fibers derived from naturally occurring minerals. These minerals come from rocks and soil. Manufacturers have been using the fibers in products sold in the United States for more than 100 years.

Can a defective medical device be deadly?

When you read about defective medical devices, it's easy to see how such a thing could be painful and inconvenient. For instance, those with defective hip implants often have constant pain as the device wears against the bone. To fix it, they need to have replacement surgery again, which means more pain and discomfort, along with long healing times. There is no way you want to go through something like that, but could it be worse? Could some defective devices put your very life in danger?

Here's how to get your doctor to pay more attention

It's tough when you feel like your doctor isn't paying enough attention to you. Maybe they look busy glancing through paperwork or even looking at their phone while you're talking. Maybe they just talk at 100 MPH throughout your appointment and then rush out of the room after two minutes, never giving you time to speak.

Beware of long stopping distances for trucks

Semitrucks are a necessary part of the economy and infrastructure in the United States, but they also pose some serious risks on the road. They massively outweigh all of the vehicles around them and sit so high that a collision puts someone in a passenger car at greater risk. Semitrucks also have large blind spots where truckers can't see the vehicles traveling in those areas. Accidents involving these commercial vehicles can be devastating.

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