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Ohio landlords can be sued for injuries at apartment complexes

One of the first things that many prospective tenants do when they're trying to find an ideal apartment to move into is to visit the property and look around. Many renters do this to make sure that a specific unit meets their needs, to discuss pricing and learn more about the amenities that the complex offers. Other tenants do so to get a feel for how well-maintained the premises are and to see if it seems safe. All landlords are obligated to protect your safety. If they fail to do so, then they can be sued.

It's an Ohio landlord's responsibility to adequately screen potential tenants to make sure that they don't allow just anyone to live at your apartment complex. Their obligations to protect your safety doesn't stop there, though.

Landlords are required to make sure that your apartment is secured by both a pin lock door handle and a deadbolt. In some jurisdictions, they may be required to change the lock in between tenants as well.

Secluded alleyways, poorly lit areas of parking lots and overgrown bushes are all prime places for criminals to lurk. Landlords are obliged to identify these unsafe areas around their premises. A landlord may have to install increased lighting, security cameras, trim the hedges or take additional measures to make their property safer for employees, residents and visitors alike.

It's a landlord's responsibility to do everything within their power to keep crime at their complex down. Many rental agreements are written to allow landlords to evict any renter who engages in illicit activities including dealing drugs.

Landlords often go to great lengths to put their best foot forward when they're expecting a visit from a prospective tenant. This means that property owners may purposely try to hide maintenance, safety and other potential hazards in hopes that you won't notice them. What you should know is that you can sue your landlord if you get hurt on their property. A premises liability attorney here in Solon can advise you whether you qualify to file a lawsuit against them per Ohio law.

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