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6 examples of never events

If you suffered harm in the hospital, you're probably wondering how common it is. Is this just something that happens to everyone or is your event really an outlier?

One thing to think about is if you experienced a "never event." As the name tells you, these events should never happen and patients should never experience this type of harm. Yet, despite that knowledge, medical professionals do make mistakes that lead to these types of events every year. Six examples include:

  1. Undergoing a wrong-site surgery
  2. Getting the wrong blood type in a transfusion
  3. Falling and getting injured when the staff should have been assisting
  4. Experiencing pressure ulcers, which are commonly known as bedsores
  5. Experiencing preventable physical trauma
  6. Acquiring nosocomial infections, which are infections that only happen because the patient is in the hospital

In many cases, the root of the problem is a communication error. For instance, a surgeon may be seeing you for an operation on your left lung, but there is also a patient with a similar name in the system for an operation on their right lung. When the doctor gets the files, someone makes a mistake and gives them the wrong files. They then fail to confirm with you which procedure you are having and they operate on the wrong lung. The issue may only become clear later or the doctor might realize the mistake during the surgery, but the damage is done either way.

These are common events, but that does not mean that they're right. If you suffer harm, you may be able to seek compensation from those responsible.

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