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Parking lots can be a surprising source of serious accidents

With all of the current upheaval going on across the country, people are in the middle of preparing for self-isolation, possible quarantine and "shelter in place" initiatives. The need to prepare may even have hit you, so you are urgently attempting to get together the supplies you will need for at least two weeks, if not longer.

This means spending more time than usual in stores as you struggle to find what you and your family need. It is also a good time for a reminder about how dangerous parking lots can be if you aren't careful.

The dangers of parking lots

Speed limits may be lower in parking lots, but that doesn't mean that an accident will fall under the category of a simple fender bender. Of course, the biggest danger is to pedestrians who may be more focused on getting in or out of the store, on what they are going to buy, or on other tasks and thoughts. Even a low impact crash could cause severe injuries to a person on foot, such as a traumatic brain injury, seriously broken bones or a spinal cord injury.

Racing to find that last parking space could result in an accident if another vehicle is on the way to same space. On the other hand, another vehicle could be backing out quickly and hit your vehicle. If the impact is in the right place, you could suffer injuries that may not even seem serious at the time but could continue to get worse in the coming days or weeks. For instance, people may take whiplash lightly, but it can indicate a much more serious injury.

What happens if you end up in a parking lot accident?

If you happen to be the unfortunate pedestrian struck by a vehicle, your injuries could be severe. Even if you were in your vehicle, you could suffer injuries that could incapacitate you, at least temporarily. In either case, you could be out of work due to injuries instead of the illness working its way across the globe. Your financial situation could decline as the medical bills come in, you lose income and sustain other damages.

You may have the chance to recover those losses through an insurance settlement or personal injury claim. Determining which avenue will provide you with the maximum amount of compensation may not be an easy one. Fortunately, you don't have to go through this alone.

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