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A C-section might be warranted in these circumstances

When you're expecting a baby, you no doubt rely heavily on your Ohio doctor or midwife to help keep you and your child as healthy and safe as possible. While you may tire of going to your prenatal appointments, especially as you near your due date and mobility becomes more cumbersome, it's important to have regular examinations. Your obstetrician or midwife is specially trained to recognize signs of maternal or fetal distress.

During labor and delivery, any number of issues may suddenly and unexpectedly arise that might warrant a C-section. However, there are also adverse health conditions that you or your baby might have before you go into labor that would warrant the same. This is why it's critical to stay closely connected to a licensed obstetrician or certified midwife throughout your pregnancy.

Understanding the process

The safest and healthiest way (in normal circumstances) to give birth is to do so vaginally. However, you or your child may experience any number of adverse health conditions that would make it less advisable to have a vaginal birth. In fact, some situations may be life-threatening. A C-section delivery occurs when a surgeon cuts through your stomach and uterus to extract your baby from the womb.

What issues make this medically necessary?

Numerous issues would raise concerns among the average licensed physician or midwife to suggest that a C-section delivery is most advisable. One such issue would be if you have had a previous C-section in the past. Even if this is your first pregnancy, if you have had prior abdominal surgery, your medical team may determine it best to schedule a C-section delivery for your child.

Certain types of infections may exist in the vaginal cavity that your baby might contract if he or she is born vaginally. For instance, if you have herpes or HIV, most obstetricians would tell you that a C-section delivery is warranted in your case. Diabetes, high blood pressure and other pre-existing maternal health conditions increase the chances of a Cesarean delivery.

More issues to keep in mind

During labor, your medical team is closely monitoring you and your child to make sure everything is progressing in a timely, safe manner. If your contractions are not increasing in strength or coming closer together, or your cervix is not dilating enough, your doctor might determine it necessary to deliver your baby by C-section.

There are other urgent issues that would make a C-section the most viable option for keeping you and your child safe and healthy during childbirth. It is not an expectation that you know everything there is to know about pregnancy and childbirth. Your medical team is there to provide all the support you need.

If something goes wrong

Sadly, many Ohio births have resulted in injuries to mothers or their infants. Worse yet, many incidents were the direct result of medical negligence. This is why state law allows recourse to injured mothers or parents acting on behalf of their injured children to seek justice when a doctor, nurse, midwife or other medical professional has provided substandard care.

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