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High risk for personal injury at Ohio intersections

Whether you've lived in Ohio your entire life or have recently moved here from another state, you no doubt understand how stressful driving in this state can be. As in all other states, numerous external issues can have significant impact on your safety when you're behind the wheel. Inclement weather, which often occurs here, especially in winter or poor road conditions can increase the risk of personal injury.

Do you enjoy going to concerts at one or more of the state's major venues? While it can be a lot of fun to enter a large crowd and listen to your favorite bands play, such events also increase traffic and, therefore, increase the likelihood that another driver might hit your vehicle. Intersections are always dangerous places but are especially so if there is a lot of traffic present when you approach a crossroad.

Keep your eyes on the road

It's always important to stay visually focused on the road in front of you and to scan immediate surroundings while driving. When you approach an intersection, however, this is particularly essential to safety. If you're coming upon a crossroad at the same time as several other vehicles, you must be certain that you have the right of way. Even if you do, you should also be certain that the other drivers fully stop and that it is safe for you to proceed.

Traffic lights and stop signs

Four-way intersections typically have traffic signals or stop signs. Pedestrian signal lights often also help walkers avoid personal injury as well. Many intersection collisions occur because of driver negligence. If someone runs a red light or fails to stop at a stop sign, you might wind up in the back of ambulance on your way to the nearest hospital if that driver hits you. This is why, even if you have a green light, it's important to make sure it is safe to proceed before entering the crossroads.

Various types of intersections

Not all intersections in Ohio are four-way stops. You might come upon a Y intersection or a traffic circle, sometimes called a roundabout, during your travels. When there is a lot of traffic, these types of areas can be especially challenging. If you're unsure who has the right of way, it's always safest to yield.

A word about pedestrians

You have no way of knowing if a pedestrian is going to suddenly step into a crossroad. You might have a green light, but if there are walkers nearby, it is best to pause and make sure no one is entering your path. Pedestrians are obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations just like drivers are. However, you have no way of guaranteeing that a particular person is going to comply. This is why is it is critical to act with caution.

If someone causes you personal injury

Sadly, many intersection collisions are fatal. Recovering from injuries you may have suffered in a crossroads crash can take a long time. Such incidents often cause financial distress. However, there is no reason you should have to bear the full financial burden associated with a collision that another driver's negligence caused. 

Ohio law provides recourse for recovering accident victims by allowing them to seek compensation for damages in a civil court.

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