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5 tips for safe winter driving

According to the Ohio State Patrol, in 2019, winter weather in Ohio caused more than 15,600 crashes with 27 deaths. As the state settles into the long, cold season, drivers must navigate dangerous roads covered in ice and snow.

If you've lived in Ohio long, you understand the danger of winter driving. But as each season comes and goes, other drivers you meet can drive poorly, putting you at risk of serious injury. Here are a few tips to stay safer while driving in the winter:

  • Slow down - When ice, snow or slush cover the roads, you can quickly lose control. Slowing down can help prevent you from spinning out or sliding through a turn.
  • Keep your distance - You don't have very much stopping power on slippery roads. Stay well behind vehicles in front of you.

  • Keep your car clear - Don't let snow or frost limit your view. Clear off your windows completely before getting on the road. Keep a brush and an ice scraper in your car so you can clear your windows anywhere.

  • Make sure your car is ready for winter - Have your mechanic check out your vehicle, making sure you're good on fluids like oil and antifreeze. Make sure your tires have adequate tread on them and your battery is still good.

  • Stay home - If you don't have to go out, don't. Try to wait until plows and salt trucks come through after a snow storm.

Winter weather is here to stay in Ohio until at least March, and surprise snowstorms can last into April. As drivers adjust to the icy road conditions, they may start to grow overconfident.

When people start driving too fast for the road conditions, they make your commute hazardous. But staying cautious of the road and other drivers may help you avoid a dangerous collision this winter.

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