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Police: Tailgating semitrailer knocks truck off road

Accidents involving large trucks are more dangerous than other motor vehicle accidents. Because of their large size and weight, a semitrailer or other big truck can carry tremendous force even at relatively low speeds. At high speeds, any collision between a large truck and a car or pickup truck can easily mean catastrophic injury or death to the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Luckily, a recent Ohio accident involving a semitrailer and a smaller truck ended with only minor injuries for the driver of the smaller vehicle. Police said a man was hauling a trailer full of cotton behind his Dodge Ram truck when a semi-truck collided with him from behind. The force of the collision threw the smaller truck off the road, and the cab of the truck was partially crushed. The trailer opened, spreading cotton by the side of the road. The Dodge driver was sent to a nearby hospital with injuries that police described as minor.

The semitrailer overturned, but the driver was apparently not injured. Police cited the driver for following too closely.

Another way that large truck accidents are different from other motor vehicle accidents is in their legal ramifications. In an accident between two privately owned vehicles, an injured party can file a personal injury lawsuit to hold a negligent driver liable for their damages. However, if the negligent driver was behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, then the injured party may also be able to hold the driver's employer liable. There may be other liable parties as well.

These cases are legally complex, and because the injuries can be so severe, the damages can be very high. It's important to seek out help from a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accident cases.

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