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December 2019 Archives

Summa Health agrees to settle malpractice claim for $10 million

Mental illness is not ordinarily considered a life-threatening condition, but a woman who entered an Akron hospital for treatment of anxiety and depression never left the hospital. Six days after entering the hospital, the woman was dead. The cause of death was not immediately clear, and the woman's husband filed a medical malpractice claim to learn the cause of her death and to recover damages.

Sleep apnea is a safety issue among truck drivers

Even if you don't suffer from sleep apnea, you know what it's like not to get a good night's sleep. Some mornings, you need that extra cup of coffee or energy drink just to keep yourself going. You may find yourself yawning far more than you would like as you drive to work, and by the end of the day, you just want to get home so you can rest.

The duties a landlord owes to a tenant in Ohio

The legal relationship between a landlord and a tenant in Ohio can be very complex. It is controlled by the lease, if the parties have executed one, by state statutes, occasionally by federal law and by the common law on issues where none of the other factors has any legal effect.

The invisible hazards of truck driving

Several busy freeways cross Ohio, and persons who have driven on them have had the opportunity to observe large trucks traveling at high speeds carrying heavy loads. Some of the hazards faced by truck drivers are obvious, such as bad weather, fatigue, slippery roads, boredom and mechanical problems. Some problems are not so obvious, but they nevertheless pose significant hazards for both drivers and persons in other vehicles who share the roads.

Police: Tailgating semitrailer knocks truck off road

Accidents involving large trucks are more dangerous than other motor vehicle accidents. Because of their large size and weight, a semitrailer or other big truck can carry tremendous force even at relatively low speeds. At high speeds, any collision between a large truck and a car or pickup truck can easily mean catastrophic injury or death to the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

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