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Will this be your first holiday season without your loved one?

If you're one of many people in Ohio who are mourning the loss of a loved one, you can likely relate to feeling that some days are better than others. Depending on whether your family member died after a long, arduous struggle with a terminal disease, such as mesothelioma, or passed away suddenly after suffering injuries in a motor vehicle collision, you may have had months or no time at all to prepare for the ultimate outcome. With the holidays right around the corner, you may need added support.

There is no right or wrong way to navigate the mourning process. Deciding how you will spend the holidays is an intensely personal choice. You might want to keep up all the same traditions you shared with your loved one. Then again, you might prefer keeping things simpler and quieter this year. Either way is okay because the priority is to do whatever you need to do to help cope with your loss and learn to move on in life without your beloved family member.

Ideas that might help

The following list includes several ideas that may be helpful to you as you enter your first holiday season without your loved one:

  • Instead of a house full of decorations, you might consider arranging a special area with photos of your deceased family member. A strand of twinkling lights might be a nice touch as well.
  • It's common for traveling and celebrating to feel as though it's too indulgent in the aftermath of a loved one's death. However, it's okay to feel happy as well as to gather with relatives, friends or co-workers if their company helps you cope with your loss.
  • Perhaps, you'd like to make a charitable donation to a person or organization as a way of honoring your loved one's memory.
  • It's best to take one day at a time and to keep your expectations low. If you feel up to celebrating the holidays, you can, but if you just want to spend some quiet time alone, that's okay too.

When a death was someone else's fault

If your spouse, child or parent died because of another person's negligence or reckless behavior, it can intensify the grief and sorrow you feel. Many people who die from terminal illness learned before their deaths that they were exposed to asbestos on the job. Others have died quite suddenly when drunk drivers hit them on Ohio roadways.

It can take a long time to work through feelings of anger when you know that your family member's death was preventable. Many people take comfort in knowing that state law allows them to take legal steps to seek accountability against those deemed responsible for their losses.

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