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Here's why Ohio intersections are so dangerous

We all encounter some stressful situations on the road from time to time. For instance, have you ever had another motorist tailgating you? Your first instinct might be to try to distance yourself from the vehicle to your rear, or let them pass, but it's not always feasible.

Intersections also present a high-risk situation on Ohio roadways. It's not always possible to predict what other drivers will do, but knowing the traffic laws and how to navigate a crossroad can help you reduce the changes of being involved in a serious crash.

What should drivers be thinking about?

Intersections are often highly congested with traffic. Approaching a crossroad is definitely not the optimum time for thinking about what went on at work that day or where you're going with friends later in the evening. It's also not a time to rehash an argument you had with a spouse the night before. Drivers must remain focused and alert at all times if they hope to get through an intersection without injury.

What should drivers be doing?

Even if a light is green as you approach an intersection, it's best to be scanning left and right to make sure it's safe to cross through or make a turn. The most dangerous time to enter an intersection is just after your light has turned green. Cars coming from other directions may be trying to "beat the light," entering the intersection after their light has turned red.

Be extra cautious if there are obstructions impeding your visibility, such as bushes, parked cars or lamp posts. If it's a four-way stop, the rules of right-of-way apply, but watch out because you never know if another driver will yield.

Is the intersection controlled or uncontrolled?

Controlled intersections regulate traffic flow through various means, such as traffic lights, mechanized arms (like at a railroad crossing) or stop signs. If you travel on rural roads, however, it's not uncommon to find uncontrolled crossroads where safety depends on driver awareness and caution. In either type of driving situation, another driver's poor choice or negligence can have disastrous results for you.

If a collision occurs

The emotional trauma, physical suffering and financial expenses often associated with motor vehicle collisions can be devastating for accident victims and their families. Seeking medical attention is always a high priority after an accident, even if you think you feel okay. If you have trouble sleeping because of nightmares or are struggling to deal with post-traumatic stress, you might consider speaking with a licensed counselor as part of your support network.

Many people go to court to seek financial recovery for their losses when they can show evidence that another driver's negligence was responsible for the collision that caused their injuries.

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