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Technology and management can prevent truck accidents

The dangers of being in a truck accident in Ohio and across the United States are known. These large vehicles that travel great distances at major speeds are intimidating by themselves. When factoring in other possible risks, such as a trucker who is under the influence, drowsy, distracted or simply reckless, it becomes even worse. It is important to know what the truck company can do to promote safety. A recent study discussed strategies to improve safety.

The National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence conducted research that shows the benefit of advanced technology and management oversight for safety. In concert with the insurer Travelers, the National Safety Council and others, nine truck carriers showed large strides in improving safety. In the past, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration categorized some of these companies as high risk. A representative from Travelers said there were common denominators for carriers to make the roads safer for truckers and those sharing the road with them.

In the study, it was shown that six of nine truck companies had better safety results when the culture was stronger. The number of crashes that were reportable to the FMCSA was reduced. Drivers and management needed to invest in the safety programs for them to be effective. Drivers were encouraged to talk to management about safety concerns. Better staffing and training for drivers helped with safety. And various policies to lower the chance of truck driver fatigue, violations of the law and other potential risks were useful.

Other strategies, such as automatic emergency brakes, blind spot detection, warnings of a lane departure and stability control, were critical to safety. 59 of the 69 tactics that were used were done to avoid truck crashes altogether. While safety has certain bottom line aspects, there was not one definitive way to ensure drivers and people who share the road with them are safer. The steps were comprehensive rather than singular.

It is always a positive when truck companies take the initiative and collaborate with drivers and researchers to make the roads safer for everyone. Unfortunately, truck accidents will still happen no matter what safety improvements are made. Despite this research indicating that drivers and companies are showing greater vigilance, truck accidents can still cause major injuries and even death.

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