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Is it dangerous to ride a motorcycle?

There are a lot of thrills associated with riding a motorcycle, but there are a lot of risks associated with it as well. If you are an Ohio biker, you have probably shared the road with a driver who was unaware of your rights or unconcerned with your safety. You know that it only takes one mistake or one wrong decision to result in an accident that can leave you severely or fatally injured.

One of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents is that the other driver simply did not see the biker. However, most of these types of incidents are completely preventable by being attentive and cautious. You cannot control the actions of other drivers, but you can strive to be as safe as possible while on your bike and know your rights in case of an accident.

What you cannot control

Some of the main reasons why motorcycle accidents happen are things that you cannot control. For example, when another driver is speeding, he or she is much more likely to cause an accident. Speed also increases the severity of any damages suffered in the crash. Statistics indicate that as many as half of all motorcycle accidents are the result of driving at elevated rates of speed.

Additionally, you cannot control a driver's choice to be reckless or negligent. For example, drivers often text or engage in distracting behaviors, despite knowing that this is exceptionally dangerous. You also cannot control whether someone else makes the decision to get behind the wheel while drunk or under the influence of some type of drug.

What you can control

One thing that you do have control over is your own actions. You can choose to the as safe as possible, avoiding things like driving aggressively or lane splitting. Bikers also benefit from sharing the road as safely as possible and doing whatever is necessary to prevent collisions. The roads are safer when all commuters, drivers, bikers and others commit to safety.

You also have a say over what happens next after an accident. After a crash, you have the right to explore your option for legal recourse. It is possible that you have grounds for a personal injury claim. This can allow you to recoup some of your financial losses and get what you need to put the pieces of your life back together after a serious crash. This cannot reverse the damage, but it can let you look to the future with confidence.


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