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Asbestos-related illness a concern after subpar inspections

Ohio residents who live and work in older buildings are placing their trust in the owners regarding the removal of toxic substances, like asbestos. Because asbestos was once perceived as a substance that had a variety of uses with unknown risks, it was present in a seemingly endless number of locations and was integral to multiple industries. As time passed and its danger became known, people grew concerned about it. Asbestos has not been completely eradicated and those who fear they were exposed to it and have gotten ill or had a loved one become sick or die may have legal options.

According to recent reports, a man who owned a building that was used for local events entered a guilty plea for the failure to adequately inspect his property for asbestos. In 2018, a complaint was filed against the man by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. He was accused of committing violations of the Clean Air Act. He was said to have failed to properly inspect the building before it was renovated.

The man had told workers to take asbestos-laden roofing materials and remove it in 2016. The owner did not have a reason to think that those workers had received training in the evaluation and handling of asbestos. He did not inform them of its potential presence. He had been told that there was asbestos, but did not tell the workers. The men simply cleaned up, did odd jobs and collected metal scrap prior to receiving this new task. The general contractor had informed the man of a $20,000 cost to deal with the asbestos. He instead paid $5,000 to the two workers.

Asbestos can cause asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer and more. There are no known cures to the diseases and illnesses linked to asbestos, so those who have been sickened by it or lost a loved one should be cognizant of the future they face. With its use limited or outlawed completely, its unexpected discovery can spark concerns about illness and death. This is a common problem in the U.S. Asbestos-related illness is generally deadly.

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