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Asbestos and mold sparks fear of asbestos-related illness

It is not uncommon for asbestos and mold to be found in buildings in Ohio that were constructed before the danger of asbestos exposure was fully realized. Since asbestos-related illness is nearly impossible to treat, causes great pain to the sufferer and inevitably leads to death, it is important to know who is responsible for it being present and to take steps to attempt to secure compensation through a legal filing.

A discovery of mold in a middle school and asbestos in an elementary school in the next building has led to repairs and a cleanup, according to recent reports. It is not completely certain that the asbestos is present, but it might be in the school hallway. The mold was found in one room so far. The cleanup was being done by remediation crews. According to the superintendent, the proper protocols are being followed regarding the investigation and cleanup. An orientation for incoming students at the middle school was postponed as tests were done on the schools. It is not believed that the issues will prevent classes from beginning on time.

Asbestos was once a commonly used substance in a wide array of industries. Once it was discovered to cause health risks, its use was reduced significantly. When it is found, it is worrisome as it can cause lung disorders, mesothelioma, cancer, asbestosis and more. These conditions and diseases are largely untreatable, making it more problematic if they came about because of unwitting victims being exposed to asbestos. If children were placed in jeopardy, it is even more egregious. When there are any symptoms of asbestos-related illness, it is vital to have medical assistance. It is also wise to know how to recover compensation.

Asbestos is found surprisingly frequently, especially in older buildings. Owners and administrators should be expected to keep track of these concerns and address them appropriately to avoid asbestos-related illness.

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