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After a birth injury, a lawsuit might lead to compensation

Ohio residents who are expecting a child will be excited as they look forward to the big day. Starting a family is the most important part of the lives of many people and they focus on the positive. However, it is unfortunate that mistakes happen during the pregnancy, when childbirth is underway and in the immediate aftermath. This can cause major issues with the baby's health. It can even be fatal. When there is birth injury, the parents must think about the future and the potential for pursuing compensation.

There are many birth injuries and conditions that can occur after a medical mistake or negligence during childbirth. For example, the newborn can suffer broken bones or have brain damage because of a failure to properly oversee the birth. There can be damage to limbs and conditions such as cerebral palsy. This can cause pain, worry and spark major medical expenses to care for the child. In some cases, the baby will eventually recover. In others, there will be the need for treatment and care for the rest of the child's life. This will put an emotional and financial strain on the family and can be the catalyst for a radically changed life.

Mistakes medical professionals can make that lead to birth injury include: not providing the proper prenatal care to the mother; not keeping track of the mother's health and addressing problems as they occur; failing to accurately gauge the size of the baby; not inducing delivery in a timely way; and not caring for the baby as needed after delivery. The investigation into the circumstances will include assessing the medical records and gauging whether the mistakes made by the medical staff were so egregious that it warrants a legal filing.

People trust doctors with their health and well-being every day. Unfortunately, mistakes are all too common. When these mistakes result in a birth injury, it is depriving a child of a normal life and the family of what should be a joyous occasion. The medical expenses, dramatic life changes and need to care for a child with disabilities or conditions is emotionally and financially draining and, as a result, a medical malpractice claim may be considered.

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