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Fear of asbestos-related illness spurs lawsuit against EPA

Concerns about asbestos have been rising for many years. While the substance was once perceived as a "miracle," its risks eventually outweighed its potential usefulness by a large margin. Still, there are disagreements as to how far the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should go in regulating it. Since asbestos exposure is known to cause various ailments including cancer, lung problems, asbestosis and more, it is imperative for those who believe they have been impacted by asbestos to know they have rights in seeking compensation from entities that left them vulnerable. A law firm that has experience in asbestos litigation should be contacted for a consultation.

A lawsuit has been filed by attorneys general from across the U.S., 11 in total. It centers around how the EPA has regulated asbestos and the failures with its attempts to do so. In April, the EPA announced that the substance would be restricted, but not banned. Many fear that the loopholes with this designation will make people more vulnerable to asbestos. One attorney general from California said that the danger of asbestos is known and the EPA is not adhering to its responsibilities to protect the public.

There was a previous petition to have a new rule as to how data is collected regarding the importing and utilization of asbestos. The EPA denied it when the new rule was released. If the lawsuit is successful, the EPA would be required to issue the proposed rule. For many years, the danger of asbestos was known. The April ruling was the first step the EPA has taken regarding the mineral in three decades. Critics think that it opens the door to asbestos again being used in a relatively widespread way.

Companies will frequently downplay dangers of substances they use in manufacturing of their products. Despite its known danger, asbestos is one such item. Workers who worked with asbestos and people who resided in structures that had asbestos could be at risk. New cases could come up if the EPA rules are used with the flexibility that many believe is inherent in their rule. If there are symptoms of diseases and conditions linked to asbestos, it is important to get treatment and understand that there are no known cures to many asbestos-related illness. Having legal advice on how to proceed with a legal filing is a critical aspect of successful litigation due to asbestos.

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