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Traumatic brain injury: The aftermath can be difficult

When you got the call from your loved one's employer saying he or she had received an injury on the job, you may have felt like the world dropped out from underneath your feet. After hearing that you should get to the hospital as swiftly and safely as you can, you knew it was a serious situation. Perhaps several days or weeks have passed, and you are greatly relieved that your loved one survived.

Rejoicing in his or her survival doesn't necessarily mean everything is fine, especially if the result of the workplace accident was a traumatic brain injury. While you love your family member and are willing to do whatever it takes to help him or her achieve as high quality a life as possible given the circumstances, it's critical that you build a strong support network to help you and your family move on in life.

Cause of TBI can affect prognosis

Any number of situations can cause head injuries. The details of the events that led to your family member's TBI may shed light on what you can expect his or her condition to be down the line. For instance, if your loved one tripped and fell down a set of stairs that were wet and bumped his or her head, the result might have been a severe concussion that will heal in time. 

However, if the injury occurred in a serious car accident, your loved one might have sustained severe blunt force trauma when his or her head hit the windshield or other areas of the vehicle upon impact. This type of TBI can be much more serious than a mild concussion, and the long-term prognosis for full recovery might not be as good.

Living with a TBI

After suffering head trauma, your loved one became one of more than five million people in Ohio and across the country who live with brain injuries. In addition to the physical challenges of day-to-day function with a brain injury, your family might also endure tremendous economic repercussions as a result of your loved one's condition.

Recovery may mean having to take an extended leave of absence from work. If the injury was quite serious, your family member might be unable to ever return to his or her workplace duties, or any job, for that matter. If yours is a single-income household and the person injured was the sole breadwinner, living with a TBI might include serious financial crisis.

Types of support available

There are people who specialize in teaching people how to care for loved ones who have suffered brain injuries. You might find it helpful to also talk to other caregivers -- people just like you -- who are trying to do their best to take care of loved ones whose lives changed in an instant because of sudden blunt force head trauma.

Many Ohio TBI patients legally deserve compensation for damages, especially if their employers' negligence was a causal factor in the incidents that caused their injuries.

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