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New discovery in makeup sparks fear of asbestos-related illness

In Ohio and across the nation, concerns about asbestos and the illnesses it can cause are usually centered around it being in buildings and its use in various industries. People who were exposed to it have a justified fear of suffering asbestos-related illness because of it. Another concern is when it is in products and the discovery of that information indicates that customers - including children - could be at risk. When there is fear that a person was exposed to asbestos or is showing symptoms of illnesses like asbestosis or mesothelioma, it is wise to find the source of the exposure and consider a legal filing.

In 2017, asbestos was found in makeup sold by the chain retailer Claire's. The company asserted that it dealt with the problem. Now, however, the Food and Drug Administration found that other products sold by Claire's and Beauty Plus Global have asbestos. The FDA has informed consumers that they should not use these items. The two companies had a voluntary recall for products that were found to have asbestos. This occurred three months after the FDA told consumers to discard other makeup that had asbestos. At first, Claire's disagreed with the FDA, but later removed the products from its shelves.

Because asbestos is considered dangerous, people are advised to stay away from it. It is banned in wide swaths of Europe and Canada, but not in the U.S. It shows up naturally in talc. Talc is used for powders and cosmetics. Another legal battle was waged with Johnson & Johnson after its products with asbestos led to women suffering from ovarian cancer.

Anyone who is exposed to asbestos will be in danger of cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis and other debilitating and deadly conditions. Asbestos was once perceived as a miraculous mineral because it had so many different uses. Unfortunately, it was later found to be exceedingly dangerous. Still, it was present in many older buildings with the insulation frequently having asbestos.

Those who work in construction, firefighters, miners and other industries could face problems due to asbestos exposure. When it is in a product that people purchase innocently, it is a major problem when asbestos is found. If a person bought products that they were unaware had asbestos and they believe they might be suffering from asbestos-related illness, calling a law firm that is experienced with filing claims due to asbestos is the first step they should take.

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