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Misdiagnosis of one condition for another can cause death

In Ohio and throughout the United States, people who are suffering from a medical issue will seek assistance from a doctor. Getting a diagnosis of what the problem is can be a relief, especially if it is treatable. However, a problem that frequently occurs is when there is a misdiagnosis. Because some conditions have the same symptoms as more serious ones, it is not uncommon for there to be a mistake. If that mistake is one that can cause a worsened medical condition and death, it is important for the person to know they have the right to seek compensation in a medical malpractice legal filing.

In what can be a dangerous circumstance, people who are suffering from heart failure are often misdiagnosed as having asthma. This happened to a New York woman who was having a problem walking as little as one block. She had been given medication for asthma, but later found out that she was suffering from heart failure. Because heart failure causes a diminishing of the amount of blood pumped through the body, it can have severe consequences. Misdiagnosing it can be fatal. This woman, 60, was fortunate that it was caught in time and she received the proper treatment. Others might not be as lucky.

There are similarities between the symptoms of asthma and heart failure. But with the prevalence of heart failure - statistics say that more than 6 million Americans have it and 8 million facing it in the next decade - doctors should understand the need for more in-depth testing if they are not completely certain of their diagnosis. As people who have not yet turned 65 are increasingly vulnerable, catching the condition in time is vital to save lives. If a person is diagnosed has having asthma or some other condition and they are really suffering from heart failure, they can suffer permanent damage or lose their lives.

Doctors are responsible for the health and care of their patients. If there is a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, the person who became ill and the family left behind if the person died have the right to answers. A law firm that is well-versed in medical mistakes and understands how to investigate the case and amass evidence should be contacted from the start to take the necessary steps to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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