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Maternal personal injury and death after childbirth preventable

Ohioans who are expecting a child will be anxiously awaiting the baby's arrival. For many, this is the high point in their life as they try to start or expand a family. Although childbirth is common and most come through it with the mother and newborn safe and healthy, there is no denying that it carries with it some risk. Mothers can suffer personal injury and death for a variety of reasons including mistakes and negligence on the part of the staff, medication errors and failure to diagnose. In a worst-case scenario, these can result in a fatal medical error. When a mother suffers an illness or dies after childbirth, it is imperative to know how and why it happened so the person's family can consider a lawsuit for compensation.

Recent information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that almost 700 women die annually because of complications from pregnancy in the U.S. It also says that more than half of these deaths could have been prevented. The report says that around three of every five deaths were avoidable. These range from an incident during the pregnancy, when the baby was being delivered, or up to one year after childbirth.

To come to its conclusions, the researchers assessed maternal death from 2011 to 2015. It found that more than 31 percent happened during the pregnancy; just shy of 17 percent happened on the day the mother was delivering; 18.6 percent happened within the first week after the baby was born; 21.4 percent happened from one to six weeks after birth; and 11.7 percent happened six weeks to one year after the baby was born. Various factors such as medical conditions and issues that are common after a mother has had a baby led to the conclusion that so many of the deaths could have been prevented.

With the U.S. considered one of the safest countries in the world to have a baby, it comes as a surprise that the number of maternal deaths has reached such a significant level. For those who have lost a loved one after childbirth, it is important to take the necessary steps to find out what went wrong and if anything could have been done to prevent it. Since these statistics say that so many maternal deaths could have been avoided with proper care, it is a major possibility that there was medical malpractice. Discussing a case with a law firm that helps clients after personal injury and death due to medical mistakes is crucial to filing a lawsuit.

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