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Consumer injury sparks FDA to act with pelvic mesh and stop sales

When an Ohio resident is advised to receive a certain treatment for a medical issue, there is a significant level of trust that will be placed on the judgment of the medical professionals and the ability on the part of manufacturers to make safe and effective products. When medical devices are not formulated properly or there are dangers when using them, regulators will likely act to prevent people from being injured. Unfortunately, this still leaves people who have had these devices used on them at risk. For them, filing a lawsuit is often required to be compensated.

The Food and Drug Administration has put a stop to the sale of surgical mesh that is used for pelvic issues in women. This comes after many people reported complications and suffering injuries due to the implants. There are two companies that continue to make these devices and they were told to halt its sale immediately. They did not show that it was safe to be used for the long term. Other companies had stopped making the mesh prior to the FDA order.

If surgical mesh is used for issues like incontinence and hernia, it can still be sold. There have been a substantial number of lawsuits filed because of the surgical mesh. Women have stated they suffered from infection, bleeding and pain. The mesh can also move from its position and damage other areas of the body. Surgery is frequently needed to repair that damage. The mesh was used in the past for a variety of applications in women. Approved in 2002, it was intended to reduce the necessary time for recovery. After reports were sent to the FDA about its risk, the women were told to keep having consistent medical checkups. When there were no problems, it was not necessary to remove the mesh. However, the problems with this device sparked the FDA to act.

Consumer injury, negative health implications and a worsened medical condition are just some of the problems that can arise if there is a defective medical device. While it is important that the FDA takes the necessary steps to protect consumers, there will inevitably be many people who were put at risk before the agency took any steps to shield the public. For those who believe they might have been injured by defective medical devices, a law firm that has experience in these cases must be called for advice and help to consider a legal filing.

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