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Asbestos risks you'll want to be aware of in Ohio

Is your Ohio workplace, school or home a health hazard? You probably aren't sure how to answer that because some potentially dangerous health issues remain unseen. Thousands of people have suffered serious illnesses after being exposed to asbestos. Many of them had no idea they had been exposed, although in some cases, their employers knew but failed to keep them safe.

Asbestos is microscopic. It can get into the air. If you ingest or inhale it, it can lodge in your lungs and cause mesothelioma, asbestosis or other illness. There are no known cures for mesothelioma or asbestosis. While there's no safe amount of asbestos exposure, there are definitely situations that increase the level of danger. Understanding what makes asbestos so dangerous can perhaps help you avoid injury. If you're dealing with an asbestos problem that involves employer negligence, you may also want to learn about asbestos litigation.

Friability is a key factor

Have you ever held soil in your hand that easily crumbled? If so, you might describe such soil as "friable." Building materials such as floor tiles, drywall, insulation and other products can also become friable, especially after being wet. If such materials contain asbestos and you are near them when they are crumbling or peeling, you are at great risk for injury. In short, the more friable asbestos is, the more dangerous it is as well.

Undisturbed asbestos is less likely to be dangerous

When you renovate a home or work in a place where construction is going on, activities might include drilling, hammering, scraping, buffing, sawing or cutting things. If asbestos is present, the area is a potential health hazard. If you breathe in asbestos fibers or swallow them, they can get trapped in your nasal passages, throat or even cling to your clothing. Not only does this place your own health at risk but loved ones in your household as well, because there is such a thing as second-hand asbestos exposure.

Living with an asbestos injury diagnosis

Lung cancer causes most asbestos-related deaths. Mesothelioma can attack your lungs, heart or abdomen. Doctors diagnose approximately 200 new cases of this disease every year. Asbestosis is a non-cancerous illness that affects the lungs. The advanced stages of this disease can cause heart failure. Living with terminal illness is challenging on many levels. At some point, you're likely to need daily living assistance. Terminal patient care is all about trying to alleviate discomfort and help the patient achieve as high quality a life as possible.

Who pays the medical bills?

You shouldn't have to bear the full burden of medical expenses and other financial issues associated with an asbestos illness if your employer or someone else was negligent and that negligence caused your injury. Many Ohio asbestos injury victims have sought monetary judgments for damages by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

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