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Study: Misdiagnosis prevalent with multiple sclerosis

Ohioans who receive a diagnosis for a condition, illness or disease will be concerned about the future and how to treat it. Those who are suffering from the issue and there is a misdiagnosis saying they do not have it will face problems due to the failure to properly inform the patient as to what the problem is and how to handle it. Both categories can be impacted by a misdiagnosis. Since there can be a worsened medical condition, the wrong treatment or a lack of treatment because of these mistakes, it is imperative for those who have been affected by it to discuss their case with a legal professional to move forward in pursuing compensation.

In a new study, it was found that almost 18 percent of people who received a diagnosis of having multiple sclerosis were misdiagnosed. They got the misdiagnosis before receiving a referral to two medical centers in Los Angeles. Upon deeper assessment, they had been diagnosed as having an autoimmune disease. In the study, 241 patients who had been diagnosed and referred to those facilities were assessed in the span of a year. The goal was to find out the number of misdiagnoses that took place and what characteristics they shared to see if there was a common denominator in the errors.

Medical professionals say it can be complicated to accurately diagnose multiple sclerosis. With the MRI and symptoms mimicking other potential causes like a migraine, a stroke and vitamin deficiency, there can be mistakes. When the patients who were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis arrived for further treatment, it was found they did not have all the criteria for it. On average, they received four years of treatment for it before it was discovered that a mistake had been made. 72 percent of those who were misdiagnosed received treatment for multiple sclerosis. 48 percent had therapies that carried risk of a brain disease. The treatment was said to have cost nearly $10 million.

Receiving a misdiagnosis can cause innumerable problems for a person physically, emotionally and financially. If they do not get the correct diagnosis and are given no treatment or the wrong treatment, it can cause severe damage and death. This is all-too common an occurrence. For people who were harmed by a misdiagnosis of any medical issue or lost a loved one because of it, a law firm experienced in medical malpractice should be called as soon as possible to consider a lawsuit.

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