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Roundtable focuses on distracted driving truck accidents

Encountering large trucks can be an intimidating experience for drivers of passenger vehicles in Ohio. These delivery trucks are traveling long distances at high speeds. To compound their danger, the drivers are frequently tasked with getting their delivery to its destination by a certain time. Their living is based on efficiency and speed and, despite laws regulating their behaviors, some will flout the law in various ways. That includes going beyond service hours, using pills to stay awake and driving while distracted.

Entities like the National Transportation Safety Board often meet to formulate ways to improve safety. A recent event was held to discuss concerns regarding safety. This was the third annual event in which the NTSB held a roundtable. It discussed distracted driving and that almost 10 percent of fatal crashes are linked to distracted drivers. It is a major problem in Texas where around 19 percent of accidents were linked to driver distraction. Four hundred and forty-four people died and nearly 3,000 were injured in those crashes. While the numbers are high in Texas, this is a problem across the nation.

Truck companies and trucking groups are encouraged to promote individual accountability with the drivers and executives. Drivers disciplining themselves to pay attention to the road can be effective. Peers are also told that they should tell other truckers if they are behaving recklessly by driving while distracted and that their behavior could place others in jeopardy. Some distractions are not due to texting, but because of GPS apps on their smartphones. Drivers are also told they should get a gauge on where they are driving to keep the need for maps to a minimum.

Drivers are frequently under the impression that they can multitask and use their devices behind the wheel while, at the same time, lamenting others on the road who are clearly not paying attention. Statistically, it is dangerous for everyone. The NTSB says that stopping distracted driving is one of the main ways to improve safety on the road. Since motor vehicle accidents are among the most common ways in which people are injured and lose their lives, it is imperative to pay attention to trends in what causes crashes. Medical expenses, lost wages and the loss of life are all possible after truck accidents and those who have been affected must remember their rights to compensation for all they have lost. A law firm that helps those who have been impacted must be contacted immediately.

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