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Nursing home injury and other problems leads to sanctions

Nursing homes in Ohio are obligated to care for their residents in an aboveboard and professional way. This is to provide them with the care they need and ensure there are no injuries, illnesses or conditions because of lapses, negligence or abusive behavior on the part of staff members. There are other factors that are important in nursing home care. Included is the government funding that helps many of these facilities stay afloat. If there is nursing home injury because of violations or other issues at a facility, the government could stop its funding. For people who are concerned about how their loved ones are treated and think there might be abuse taking place, keeping an eye on facilities that are facing sanctions from the government is a signal to check on the condition of their loved ones.

An Ohio nursing home is facing the possibility that the government might stop letting patients pay for their care through Medicaid and Medicare. This step comes after several citations were issued because of problems with caring for patients. The facility was given notice that the agreement between the government insurers and the facility will end in the second week in April. For its part, the facility representatives say they are giving the best possible care to their residents.

In the nursing home, there are 99 beds and 90 workers. Because there were alleged failures in substantial compliance with the level of care, safety of residents, avoiding neglect and exploitation, adequate food service, adhering to the rights of residents, laboratory and other medical services, controlling infections and being prepared for emergencies, the government is taking this drastic step. Citations were issued in October 2018 and the process for this withholding of funding began. A resident suffered a fractured femur when the nurse's aide did not follow standard procedure for moving a patient from her bed to her wheelchair. During later inspections, it was again found that the facility committed rules violations. The most recent problem was a nurse who hit a resident in the stomach.

It is a terrible problem when nursing homes do not care for their residents as they should. Unfortunately, this happens often and in many of the cases, the people responsible and the facility are not held accountable. When there is a belief that any mistreatment is happening at a nursing home and patients are being injured, made ill or dying because of it, the family has the right to seek compensation in a legal filing. A law firm that specializes in medical malpractice and nursing home injury can help.

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