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Danger of asbestos-related illness sparks near total ban

Asbestos-related illness is nearly impossible to treat, causes significant pain and inevitably leads to an early death. Ohio residents who have been exposed to asbestos - even years ago - whether it was through work, school or where they resided should consider a legal filing to be compensated. At one time, asbestos was viewed as a substance with versatility and utility. It was used for an expansive range of reasons and seemed to provide immense value. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, the building of ships and more utilized asbestos.

However, as time passed and people began to exhibit symptoms and become ill, a connection between asbestos and various illnesses became apparent. Because of its risk, people who are suffering from issues related to asbestos or suspect they might be should be aware of how regulatory agencies are addressing the problem. Toward that end, the Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will ban almost all uses of asbestos in the U.S.

There had been a longtime partial ban on its use, but various loopholes allowed companies to continue using it for certain purposes. The new rule - known as the Significant New Use Rule - was proposed in the summer of 2018. With it, manufacturers must request a specific allowance to use asbestos and there will be severe limits to it. There is no authority for the agency to ban it completely. Asbestos is used to filter chemicals and in certain vehicle brakes. Because asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma which has led to around 3,000 deaths each year, the new regulations are designed to avoid exposure and reduce risk for asbestos-related illness.

Asbestosis, cancer, mesothelioma, lung problems and other diseases and illnesses have occurred because of asbestos use. Although it is a positive that the EPA has decided to diminish its use further, that does not help those who were already exposed to it and are suffering from the damage it is known to cause. When there is a suspicion or outright knowledge that a person was exposed to asbestos and later became ill, calling a law firm that has helped many people who have been impacted by an asbestos-related illness is imperative to filing a lawsuit to be compensated.

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