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Work zone truck accidents boosted substantially by distractions

People who spend the greatest amount of time on the road in Ohio and across the nation are naturally in a position where they are at higher risk to be injured or lose their lives in an accident. This is true for truckers, but it is also true for those who encounter these large, heavy, fast-moving vehicles on the road. Also in danger are people in work zones. The combination of many factors can lead to a truck accident. Add the chance of a distracted truck driver and it is far worse. Researchers are increasingly finding just how much jeopardy people in work zones are in when sharing the road with distracted drivers.

According to the University of Missouri, inattentive drivers are 29 times as likely to have an accident or near accident when in a work zone on the highway. These distractions range from texting, interacting with passengers, making phone calls and more. This information might have an impact on how federal and state agencies tackle the problem of injuries and death in highway work zone crashes. Among the researchers' suggestions are educating the population as to the risk of distraction and implementing laws to regulate the behavior and punish those who do not comply.

As part of this study, researchers used other research studies from the decade between 2006 and 2015. It also used first hand testimony, the environment and driver actions. This was the first time there was a focus on highway work zones in the context of driver behaviors and the environment. It was known that narrower lanes made driving riskier and driving at excessive speed in a work zone can cause a crash. Now, the parameters that were used showed that driver behavior with distraction is also a significant factor in injuries and death in work zone crashes.

With a work zone, there is always a chance that a driver will drive too fast given the slowing traffic or think they can check their smartphone simply because they are in a work zone. Other actions can make it a prime location for there to be a crash. Given the hefty increase in the chance of a truck accident or any motor vehicle accident when in a work zone, anyone who is injured or loses a loved one will need a full investigation to determine what happened. This is critical when seeking compensation in a legal filing to cover for medical expenses, lost income and other expenses. Calling a law firm experienced in truck accidents is a vital factor in a successful case.

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