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Watch out for drunk, spring break drivers in Ohio

Thousands of college students are traveling during spring break. There are several prominent universities and colleges in Ohio. Whether students stay here on vacation or drive to other states, you're at an increased risk for injury while sharing the road with them because the number of drunk driving accidents is always higher at this time of year and on holidays.

How can you tell if a nearby driver is intoxicated? Sometimes, you can't. However, you may notice certain driving behaviors that are common among those who get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Another person's irresponsible choice can cause you serious injury if a collision occurs. Knowing how to spot potential problem situations may help improve your travel safety.

Driving behaviors that suggest intoxication

If you witness one or more of the following situations, it is a definite sign that the driver in question might be impaired

  • Cognitive disability causes drunk drivers to have great difficulty navigating turns. Intoxicated drivers might turn too tightly and clip a curb, or they might take a bend far too wide. 
  • If it's dark outside and you notice a vehicle traveling without headlights on, steer clear. This is one of the most common errors drunk drivers make. 
  • Some people are bold in their defiance of traffic laws pertaining to alcohol. If you see a driver drinking what appears to be an alcoholic beverage, you and all others nearby are at great risk for injury, and it might be best to try to call 911 to report it. 
  • Drunk drivers straddle the yellow line a lot. This is because their perception is thrown off track and they have trouble keeping their vehicles in their own lanes. 
  • A car veering left, right or over a yellow line signifies a driver who is either distracted or impaired in some way. 

Drunk drivers might ride far too close to the rear end of your vehicle. They also often brake at random times or accelerate suddenly. Any of these issues is enough to cause a serious motor vehicle accident that results in catastrophic injury or death.

When spring break ends with a trip to the hospital

Binge drinking is quite popular on many college campuses. If a person is age 21 or over and consumes an alcoholic beverage before driving, he or she isn't necessarily breaking the law. However, if a person illegally operates a motor vehicle with a .08 or higher blood alcohol content level and you suffer injury because of it, Ohio law allows you to seek restitution. Medical care is expensive, and there's no reason you should bear the financial burden because of another driver's negligence.

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