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Patient risk stems from misdiagnosis and testing errors

Ohioans who have a medical issue of any kind are wise to get treatment as soon as possible. This is a sound strategy to address a condition, illness or injury and get back to full health. However, it is an unfortunate fact that medical mistakes happen quite frequently. These can involve a misdiagnosis, dispensing the wrong medication and other mishaps. When there is an error and people are injured or lose their lives because of it, having legal advice is a critical aspect of pursuing a filing.

Research is often done to assess the worst mistakes. A new study from ECRI says that there are certain problems that are the greatest danger to patients. ECRI found that mistakes in diagnosis and failure to adequately manage test results with electronic health records are significant threats to patient safety. The release of this information coincided with National Patient Safety Awareness Week. ECRI's president and CEO says that the third most common reason for death is a medical error. Using this research is meant to improve safety.

This is the second consecutive year in which diagnostic errors and problems with test results were the two biggest issues. Medical professionals are increasingly using EHRs when assessing patients and tracking their tests, but relying too heavily on technology is inadvisable for a full analysis. Technology is undoubtedly beneficial, but it should not be the deciding factor when treating a patient. Other concerns include infections when people have a peripheral intravenous line, sepsis and antimicrobial factors. For outpatients, there is an overprescribing of antibiotics with 30 percent being unnecessary.

When people seek treatment from a medical professional, the last thing they expect is for there to be misdiagnosis, the failure to accurately assess health records and act accordingly and other mistakes. These errors can cause damage to the patient and even lead to death. When there is a belief that a person became ill, injured or died because of medical malpractice, calling a law firm with experience in these cases is imperative.

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