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Medical device recall statistics show drastic rise in February

To prevent Ohioans and people across the nation from suffering negative health implications and a worsened medical condition stemming from faulty medical devices, it is important for regulatory agencies to keep a close watch on these items. The Food and Drug Administration is tasked with ensuring medical devices are safe. If they are not, recalls are important to prevent people from suffering negative and even fatal effects.

Recently, there has been a drastic increase in recalls of dangerous or defective medical devices. There were 10 medical devices subject to recall in 2019 thus far. Seven came about in February. This is a trend that is worrisome as there were only 32 medical devices recalled in 2018. Although there were seven in November - the same as in February of this year - it is a high number. In 2017, there were 32 recalls and nine were in May.

Still, when these devices are putting people at risk, the numbers are a part of the story, but not the entire story. It is the devices themselves and the manufacturers that are the problem. The latest recall was of a device that is used in patients' eyes as it indicated there was a raised danger of cloudiness in the cornea after inflammation has set in when using it. The device was meant to serve as an alternative to glasses or contact lenses in some patients. This is just one example of the devices that people are given to try and improve their health and end up being potentially dangerous.

The FDA has been modernizing and strengthening its process to warn the public, call for voluntary recalls and to demand recalls. If there are safety concerns, most companies will be agreeable to working with the FDA and remove dangerous devices from the marketplace. Although it is a positive that the FDA is taking a stronger hand in seeking out and removing defective medical devices from the public, the rising number is also worrisome as it is possible that some items will get through screening and injure people before the dangers are found out.

When a person has been injured or a family has lost a loved one because of defective medical devices, it is imperative that an investigation be done to find out what happened and why. A law firm that specializes in helping people who have been hurt or had a loved one die should be called for advice in filing a claim.

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