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Families seek compensation after fatal medication errors in Ohio

One of the most important responsibilities that medical professionals in Ohio and across the nation have when treating a patient is dispensing medication. Patients and their families put an inherent amount of trust in doctors, nurses and anyone who cares for their loved ones. Medical mistakes violate that trust in addition to causing injuries and fatalities. People who believe a loved one suffered a worsened condition or died because of a doctor error must remember their rights and consider a legal filing to receive compensation.

An investigation into a doctor who is alleged to have over-prescribed fentanyl to many patients causing severe illness and death has led to legal filings for compensation. The doctor was dismissed from the hospital in December. There were 27 people who were known to have been hurt or died because of the doctor error. More than 40 other hospital workers were placed on leave due to this investigation.

One man who died at 44 had been in a truck accident and was having difficulty breathing. The man's wife said the doctor claimed with 99.9 percent certainty that her husband was dying. She was unaware that fentanyl had been prescribed and the dose was lethal. He died a short while later. A 39-year-old man, an 80-year-old man, and a 64-year-old woman also died, allegedly because of the doctor over-prescribing fentanyl. The CEO of the hospital apologized for the doctor's errors, but his attorney denies he is responsible.

People who go for medical treatment or bring a loved one for care are expecting that the proper medication will be dispensed and the injury, illness or condition will not be made worse by a negligent medical professional. Unfortunately, it happens with a disturbing frequency. In many instances, people are not even aware that mistakes led to their loved one becoming worse or dying. When there is evidence or suspicion that a medical error was the cause of injury or death, it is critical to have legal help by contacting a law firm that specializes in medical malpractice.

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