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March 2019 Archives

Patient risk stems from misdiagnosis and testing errors

Ohioans who have a medical issue of any kind are wise to get treatment as soon as possible. This is a sound strategy to address a condition, illness or injury and get back to full health. However, it is an unfortunate fact that medical mistakes happen quite frequently. These can involve a misdiagnosis, dispensing the wrong medication and other mishaps. When there is an error and people are injured or lose their lives because of it, having legal advice is a critical aspect of pursuing a filing.

Watch out for drunk, spring break drivers in Ohio

Thousands of college students are traveling during spring break. There are several prominent universities and colleges in Ohio. Whether students stay here on vacation or drive to other states, you're at an increased risk for injury while sharing the road with them because the number of drunk driving accidents is always higher at this time of year and on holidays.

Work zone truck accidents boosted substantially by distractions

People who spend the greatest amount of time on the road in Ohio and across the nation are naturally in a position where they are at higher risk to be injured or lose their lives in an accident. This is true for truckers, but it is also true for those who encounter these large, heavy, fast-moving vehicles on the road. Also in danger are people in work zones. The combination of many factors can lead to a truck accident. Add the chance of a distracted truck driver and it is far worse. Researchers are increasingly finding just how much jeopardy people in work zones are in when sharing the road with distracted drivers.

Medical device recall statistics show drastic rise in February

To prevent Ohioans and people across the nation from suffering negative health implications and a worsened medical condition stemming from faulty medical devices, it is important for regulatory agencies to keep a close watch on these items. The Food and Drug Administration is tasked with ensuring medical devices are safe. If they are not, recalls are important to prevent people from suffering negative and even fatal effects.

Families seek compensation after fatal medication errors in Ohio

One of the most important responsibilities that medical professionals in Ohio and across the nation have when treating a patient is dispensing medication. Patients and their families put an inherent amount of trust in doctors, nurses and anyone who cares for their loved ones. Medical mistakes violate that trust in addition to causing injuries and fatalities. People who believe a loved one suffered a worsened condition or died because of a doctor error must remember their rights and consider a legal filing to receive compensation.

Is your nagging cough related to asbestos?

When you catch a cold or the flu or some other minor illness, you may sneeze and cough until your illness subsides. It's not uncommon to cough if you have allergies, as well. There are certain conditions, however, that are far more serious and necessitate specialized medical care. In fact, some illnesses and infections are so serious, there is no way to cure them. This is often the case for Ohio residents who suffer asbestos-related injuries.

Car, truck accidents and other vehicle fatalities reach 40K again

Ohioans should know that motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common ways for people to die unexpectedly in the U.S. These fatalities can be due to a truck accident, a car accident, a motorcycle accident or any other type of highway crash. Researchers keep track of the statistics as part of their attempt to find ways to improve safety. Regardless of their information and the steps taken by law enforcement, legislators and regulators to improve safety, accidents continue to happen causing injuries and death. This information can be important to anyone who has lost a loved one in a crash and needs legal assistance to pursue compensation.

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