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Trooper and 2 civilians injured in truck accident

Ohio truck accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. While there are the common factors that often cause a truck accident like driver fatigue, distracted driving, truckers under the influence, speeding and recklessness, there are times when an accident will happen just because a trucker does not adhere to the simplest and most obvious rules. One is failing to give law enforcement the room to do their jobs by adhering to the "move over" law. When this rule is violated, not only can other drivers be injured, but law enforcement and first responders can be hurt too. After a truck accident, calling for legal assistance is a must.

An afternoon accident with a truck sent a state trooper and two civilians to the hospital. The crash occurred at approximately 1:15 p.m. When the trooper had two people who had just been in a separate crash in his cruiser. A semi-truck hit the vehicle on the interstate and crushed it. The trooper had pulled onto a strip on the side of the road. The two civilians were in the backseat. The officer was in the driver seat. With slowing traffic, a vehicle hit the semi and the semi ran into the back of the police vehicle. Its front end was significantly damaged and the bumper was ripped off. The officer and one of the men received medical treatment at the hospital and were released. The third man was admitted.

The ironic part of this accident is that state law enforcement was planning to actively enforce the often-ignored move over law that requires vehicles to give way to emergency vehicles. The law specifically states that drivers are supposed to move over to a separate lane while police or other emergency activity is in progress. Between 2013 and 2017, there were 58 accidents in which state troopers were hit because of a failure to adhere to the move over law. 24 officers and 34 civilians were hurt in those crashes. Two of the civilians were injured fatally.

Since trucks are so large and heavy, even if the crash is at low speed, it can cause serious injury and fatality. Being in a crash with one of these vehicles can hinder a person's life in myriad ways. This is true even if the injuries seem to be minor at first as other problems can slowly manifest and result in lost wages, medical expenses and long-term problems. For those seriously hurt and families who have lost a loved one, the aftermath and its negative impact is obvious. A law firm that has experience in investigating and pursuing compensation after truck accidents can be of help in filing a lawsuit.

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