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Asbestos-related illness a concern after classroom discovery

With the understanding of the dangers of asbestos and asbestos-related illness when the substance is found, Ohioans and people across the nation are understandably surprised when reports of an asbestos discovery come out. Unfortunately, it happens quite frequently throughout the U.S. People who were exposed to asbestos when it was considered a miraculous discovery can have various medical issues that inevitably result in death. Considering the knowledge of its risk, it is a concern when there is a chance of exposure. This is especially true when it is found in a school. Those who think they might have been exposed at any time and are afflicted with asbestos-related illness should know they have the right to consider legal action.

Classrooms that are used for children and offices were closed in Montana after asbestos was found. The levels of the substance were deemed "unacceptable" for safety. It was at the University of Montana. A mass email was sent stating that inspections found that there was dust that had been contaminated with asbestos. The hall where it was found was closed and locked as tests are conducted and a cleanup is planned. The school was informed that there might be asbestos when it was believed to have been found in a ceiling in December. The duration of the cleanup is not known. There is an ongoing search to discover where the contamination started. It is believed to be linked to thermal insulation. Experts have been called.

Asbestos exposure can result in various medical issues and diseases including mesothelioma, cancer, breathing difficulties, asbestosis and more. People who were exposed to the substance at work, in schools and in homes had no defense against the negative impact of it. Today, it is reasonable to believe that asbestos exposure will no longer happen, especially where children and young people congregate. As this case in Montana shows, that is a misplaced expectation.

Stories arise regularly saying that there was an asbestos discovery and people should not be concerned about it. However, it is natural and reasonable to be worried about becoming ill because of asbestos. When there is a concern over asbestos-related illness, a law firm that helps those who are ill or believe they are negatively impacted by asbestos should be called for advice on pursuing a legal filing.

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