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A little-discussed potentially life changing injury: Eye trauma

Every part of your body has vulnerabilities. No matter how hard you try to keep yourself from suffering an injury, you may not have any choice in the matter if someone else does something negligent and you happen to get caught up in it. For instance, you can't plan for a car accident. You can do as much as you can to keep yourself safe, but it may not be enough.

During the crash, debris could fly all over your vehicle. Broken glass, your hot coffee cup and even that pen you left on the dashboard could all become projectiles that cause you injury. Even if you instinctively try to close your eyes, it may not be fast enough, or your eyelids may not be strong enough to prevent trauma to one or both of your eyes.

Eye injuries can be severe

Even though most patients with eye trauma are young men involved in fights, car accident victims can experience injuries to their eyes and the bones around them as well. As mentioned above, debris can act like projectiles and enter the eye or hit it with enough force to penetrate the skin or the eyeball, crack or break the bones, and cause substantial damage. If you experience the following symptoms at the scene of the accident, it could be due to eye trauma:

  • Changes in your vision
  • Pain in and around your eye
  • Bleeding due to lacerations
  • Swelling
  • Facial numbness
  • Bruising

More than likely, the trauma to your eye will be evident to anyone at the scene, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't mention the pain to emergency responders right away. Depending on the damage, your vision could be at risk, so the sooner you receive the proper diagnosis and treatment, the better off you may be. You may require surgery, which could mean a lengthy recovery for you.

Even if you achieve a full recovery, you could have unsightly scars. If the damage is severe enough, you could lose your sight in that eye. In either case, you are left with a permanent reminder of your accident. It could affect your life in ways you may not yet understand. If another person caused the accident that led to your eye trauma, then you may want to pursue compensation for your financial and other damages.

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