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Woman dies in trucking accident when turning semi blocks road

The Ohio roadways are rife with large trucks going to and through the state. While most of these semis are driven conscientiously and safely by their operators, there are times when the drivers will be reckless, negligent, drive while distracted and under the influence. Even when the driver is not doing any of these risky things, simply trying to make a turn can place others in jeopardy. The size of these vehicles and the speed at which they travel puts all others on the road at risk. With a trucking accident, there can be injuries and fatalities. After a collision, legal help is integral to being sufficiently compensated.

A crash between an SUV and a semi led to the death of the SUV's driver and serious injuries to her passenger. The accident happened in the evening at shortly after 7 p.m. The police investigation into the semi-truck crash indicates that the trucker was trying to turn his rig around and had blocked both lanes of the roadway heading in opposite directions. The SUV hit the truck on its side and went underneath it. The 29-year-old trucker was not hurt. The woman who died was 57. Her passenger was 56. The passenger was taken to the hospital via air and was said to be in serious condition. The investigation is continuing.

People who lose a love one in a truck accident will have a great deal to consider in the aftermath. The lost companionship, lost contributions in personal and financial ways, and other issues will come to the forefront. If there are injuries, there will be medical costs, lost wages and more that can and undeniably will come up. This is especially egregious when the accident is due to another person's lack of care when they are behind the wheel. Truckers should be held to a higher standard not just because they drive for a living and understand the risks, but because their vehicles are so massive that a smaller vehicle crashing into them will inevitably result in injuries and death.

A woman and her passenger were in an SUV when a semi was blocking both lanes of an Ohio road as the driver tried to turn around. There was a crash. The driver of the SUV died and her passenger was seriously hurt. Although the case is still being investigated, the families of the women should keep their interests in mind and contact a law firm experienced in truck accidents to take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit.

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