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School with asbestos stokes fear of asbestos-related illness

In Ohio and across the nation, asbestos was once viewed as a miracle that had a variety of uses in seemingly limitless ways. It was used in building, manufacturing and more. As time passed and it was discovered that the substance could cause illnesses to people who were exposed to it and it often led to them being debilitated and eventual death, its use petered out for safety sake.

However, when there are construction projects of older structures, it is not uncommon for asbestos to be discovered. People who either live on the property, work there, attend school or are in the area for any other reason will be concerned about the potential of illness. If they have been exposed and there is a belief that they got sick because of asbestos, a legal filing can provide compensation.

A school in Washington State was in the process of being demolished when asbestos was found. Workers expected to find it, but more than they anticipated was discovered. It was in the floor, walls and on the pipes. The communications manager for the school stated via email that the amount was more than they thought would be there, but it is not viewed as dangerous. The school opened in the mid-1960s. At the time, it was unknown how dangerous asbestos could be. Asbestos remains legal in certain amounts if it comes to less than one percent. The school insists that no one was in danger because of the substance and they will not be at risk of illness after any exposure.

Asbestos can have a negative impact on people who are exposed to it with cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis and other health problems. The treatment for these problems is limited and the impact of the exposure can be lifelong and painful. Despite assertions to the contrary, those who have been exposed should keep track of the signs of asbestos-related illness and take the necessary steps to move forward with a legal filing. This is true regardless of what officials and building owners might say. A law firm that handles cases of asbestos-related illness can help with moving forward in seeking compensation.

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