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Risk of consumer injury sparks blood pressure medicine recall

When Ohioans are diagnosed with a medical issue that requires medication to control, there is an inherent trust that the medical professional providing the prescription will understand its risks. Similarly, there is trust that the manufacturer of the medication will take the time and care to ensure that the drug is safe. Unfortunately, there are instances where people are placed in jeopardy because of issues with the medication. This can cause health implications, consumer injury, worsened medical condition, medical expenses and death if it is not caught in time. Understanding how to respond when this occurs is important and it could be necessary to consider a legal filing for compensation.

A recall of a medication was made by the Food and Drug Administration. An impurity was discovered in the medication and this sparked the need to recall it. People who are suffering from heart failure and have high blood pressure are prescribed this medication. 80 lots were part of the recall. The impurity has been labeled a likely human carcinogen. People who are using the medications that have this impurity are advised to keep taking it despite the recall due to the danger of health issues if the medication is stopped immediately and no alternative is provided. Those who have this drug are advised to call their physician or pharmacist as to what steps they should take.

People prescribed a drug are faced with a conundrum if there is a recall because it is dangerous and they are told, at the same time, that they should keep taking it unless they have been given another option. Do they keep taking the recalled medication or do they stop because of the risk? It is in these circumstances and others where people can trust what they are told by a medical professional, believe a medication is safe and suddenly have health problems and even death. Considering a legal filing is often the only viable strategy to recover compensation for the health problems that come about because of a defective or dangerous drug.

A prescription medication for people who have high blood pressure or heart failure is underway because of impurities in the drug. As the case moves forward, those who have taken the drug and might have suffered illness because of it must remember their rights. This is true of any medication that is subjected to recall. For help, contacting a law firm that handles drug recalls, defective medical devices, and medical mistakes is imperative to filing a claim.

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