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Medical device recall affects item used for brain surgery

Advancements in medical technology have benefited a great number of Ohioans and people across the nation. Devices that are designed to improve the quality of life and help doctors perform complex procedures could be categorized as miraculous. While a significant number of these devices do exactly what they are designed to do and people are saved because of them, some defective medical devices can cause danger and even lead to severe injuries and death.

There are government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration whose job it is to check these devices and make companies recall them if there is an issue. Those who might have been affected by a defective medical device should keep track of these recalls as it could be the foundation for a legal filing. Software that is used with a surgical system is being recalled because it showed inaccurate information while biopsies were being performed. This can result in consumer injury and threaten their lives.

This recall impacts nearly 5,500 devices that are used across the nation and were made and distributed from the end of August 2011 to mid-October 2018. This software gives medical professionals a 3D image of the patient's brain. It is used to give surgeons a roadmap to place their tools and implants while they are performing the procedure. If there is an incorrect indication as to where the tip of the tool is and it prevents the surgeon from making an accurate diagnosis, it could lead to negative aftereffects. It could even be inserted too far and do damage to the patient's brain, blood vessels or harm healthy tissue.

When a person is being treated by a medical professional and medical devices are used, the patient and the patient's family will believe that the products are tested and safe. If there is an issue after the procedure, people should be aware of potential problems not with the patient or the doctor, but with the device. Injuries and fatalities that might have come about because of defective medical devices could warrant a lawsuit. A legal firm that helps those who have faced health implications because of defective medical devices should be consulted with immediately.

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